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Wow! Stumped Carol? What was Ling's story again? And do you have pics? I'm just curious.
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Ok Ling's mom was a calico. Dad unknown. All 5 kittens were born as blue tabbies with white. At a month old they had blue points with the blue tabby body. The blue points changed to more of a seal point color. Then at 3-4 months old they all turned to black/white cats!

Here's Ling's brother (remember all were the same):


And Ling now:


If you look really close at her face you can still see the darker "point" pattern - its hard to tell but in the right light I can still see where the points were.
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Wow! That is odd. I love the little white mustache!!!
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Yeah and she's was the only one in the litter marked like that - the 2 brothers had a lot of white on the face, the one sister had no white and the other sister had more of a white chin. The 3 females were marked different.
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Out of curiosity, how would a cat that is a poly do in the HHP division? I know it wouldn't do well as a purebreed, because it isn't in any of the standards, but in HHP would it be a plus or a minus?
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It he/she has a nice personality and doesn't mind handling by strangers, it would be a plus - I've seen many times judges remark about the cute paws
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There's a poly in the Bangkok shows that never fails to final in the top 3!!!
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