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I live in a trailor but planning on building a house. I can't wait.
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I live in a one bedroom condo that I own. I'd love a house but its too much $ around here. I'd settle right now for a two bedroom place.
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We live in a house. I will NEVER live in an apt again if I can help it. I hated every minute of it!
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I wish I lived in an apartment now. Owning a home when you don't have any money to make repairs is a pain. We need new carpet but since I am the only one working, this is not feasible.

btw.. What is frosting that I see in some siggies?
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Me and manytoes live in a medium sized 1 bedroom apartment...I live on the "12th" (13th!!) floor, so i have a great view of downtown Edmonton....
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Originally Posted by Februa View Post
so i have a great view of downtown Edmonton....
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
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We just purchased our first home in September! After years of living in an apartment, I can tell you apartment living sucks! It's noisy, you have to rely on someone else to fix stuff (on their own timetable, and usually shoddily), you have almost zero freedom to decorate, and of course, no equity for your rent money. We're working to fix our bathroom and even though it's a pain in the butt, it's costing more than we expected, and it's taking forever - it's ours!
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I own my house. When I feel too old to handle a house I'll think about a condo with no yard. But then I'd have to find a place where I can have all the kitties.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
That's an adorable "snout" pic. Back when I was taking tons of pics, I got a lot of those of one particular little tabby. Whatcha doin? Whatcha doin? Me? You want me? I'm right here. See?
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The big thing in Perth at the moment is two houses on one block - one behind the other. Because there's so much SPACE in this city, subdividing became the new craze about 20 years ago and there's not many free-standing houses left anymore without another one out the back.

We live in a HUGE house on the front of our block, and our landlord lives in the house behind us. It's ok because he's really nice, but kinda weird, too. And because he told us after we moved in that we could have the dogs, and not the cats, we are leaving again at the end of our lease.

There aren't many places anymore that allow pets - and when I was first renting after I left Mum and Dad's it wasn't really a drama - dogs, cats, whatever.

We'd really love to buy so we wouldn't have this problem anymore, but Perth is going through this crazy housing boom at the moment - the price of houses has gone up like you would not believe and most people just can't afford to buy anymore. We are now only 6% behind Sydney for housing prices, which is really outrageous if you live in Australia and understand the difference between the cities.

Our housing prices have increased by 36.6% in 17 months - the average home now costs $800,000 and this boom has created what economists call an affordability crisis, because first home-owners have little to no chance of being able to get into the market. People are overcommitting and borrowing in some cases 110% of the purchase price just to be able to buy a home. It's so bad that it's actually making the news almost every day!

To buy a two bedroom house in a reasonably local area now will set you back well in excess of half a million dollars, and most people just can't afford that kind of thing. So we're stuck with renting (where, again, the prices are skyrocketing) because there's nothing else we can do
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I live in a 2 bedroom house with my husband, our 4 year old son and our 2 furbabies (may soon be 3).
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We're in an apartment and probably will be for awhile. Although some day I definitly want to have a house.
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We're in a rental 3 bed house at the moment and are soon to be moving to our own three bedroom house!

I couldn't live without my garden!
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I should have picked other but I picked gets kinda confusing

We have a house (three bedroom, dining, lounge, two bathrooms, kitcen and double garage) but it is not "free-standing". It is part of what we call a townhouse complex. It is usually an enclosed community and the developers generally put up identical looking houses in varying sizes, our complex's units come in three types, two bedroom, three bedroom and three bedroom plus study. Ours looks like mini converted barns, very cute and spacious. Alot of people I try to explain gets put off the sameness (our complex is 72 houses) of the design but I can live with that for several reasons:

Our water is included, we have 24-hour security, pool in complex and in our area it cost less to buy in a complex than a free-standing house. A big plus is that the people in the complex generally arranges things like trick-or-treating for the kids and in general I don't worry about my kitties wandering outside because our speed limit in the complex is 15kph (9mph).
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House here
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We just (well not 'just' anymore!) bought our first house at the end of June this year! It's also our first time living together full time

I definetely like living in a house wayyyy more than an apartment! Mainly because I don't have to worry about putting holes in the wall or how loud anything is- although it's definetely a lot more work! Especially our house- it was foreclosed & sat vacant for several months, plus it was built in 1936 so it's very outdated! But it's still ours!
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Ok this is confusing...
I live in a house/trailor... It's a mobile home that was built onto. Two additions on each side of it.
I couldn't imagine how small it was before they added on to it
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Dh and I live in a house
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I live in an apartment that is the top floor of a converted house; there are two apartments downstairs, one of which is the size of our living room and the other is the rest of the downstairs space. I would love for us to get our own house, but right now we don't have the money. We have issues with the tenant who lives in the smaller downstairs apartment, but fortunately our landlady is on our side; I'd just like to live someplace where we can decorate however we see fit and where our cats only "bother" us.
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I live in a two bedroom duplex at my place...but when i'm with Colin,...i live in his house.
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We have a house
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Mine is technically a house. But the attick is a studio apartment type space. But the whole time Ive lived here its been empty.
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I bought a house but I wish I didnt now cause I don't like it and I don't think that I will be able to sell it right now.
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We live in a 2 story house.... Sometimes though I wish we didnt.
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We rent a house.. WE wanna buy in a year or so...

Want to find something afforable and our own.. I can't wait....
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