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I do not have 3 cats

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This weekend Trent and Ginger finally really started playing together. But with this event, we discovered that we aren't really owned by 3 cats. We are owned by 2 small, furry elephants and 1 cat. Ophelia is so light on her feet, and very graceful - the epitome of what a lithe cat is supposed to be. Trent and Ginger on the other hand...

But it sure was good to hear them playing and chasing each other!
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LOL - I know what you mean - I have two small furry elephants at home myself! I love it when they go stampeding through the house - glad I'm on the first floor!

Yesterday, Ferris jumped from the top of the kitchen kitty condo onto the top of the kitchen table, and his landing made SUCH a noise I thought for sure the table had collapsed!!
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I also have two elephants!
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Heidi, I have to admit your title scared me a little, but what a pleasant surprise I got on reading!
I also have 2 elephants aswell
I'm so glad relations are getting better in your household
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Heildi, that is such great news about Ginger and Trent. Hopefully, Ophelia will set aside her litheness soon and join the elephant stampede
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I want two furry elephants!!! (yes I'm feeling sorry for myself) But I laugh at the thought of Nakita ever being loud enough to be an elephant.

So glad that Ginger and Trent are having fun. Now we just need Ophelia to let down her guard and you will have a whole stampede!
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I'm with Lauren, Heidi! When I saw that title, I thought, "ONONONONONONONONO!!" What a relief to discover it was species we were talking about, not total number.

Isn't it lovely to have elephants??
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You scared me as well but I am glad to hear that your kitties are getting along and are finally playing. That's such great news.
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I always say it sounds like a herd of elephants running threw my house! LOL
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Aw, their buddies!!
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Hooray, they are finally playing together...
elephants and all.
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Lucy and Carly are our clumpers. Hard to believe neither is more than ten pounds each. The worst was when Lucy was up on the counters and found a golf ball that hubby left there. She knocked it off and the two of them are chasing it around the house. It is really noisy on the hardwood floors.

I'm so glad that Ginger is fitting in. Ophelia probably likes that Trent has someone to pester instead of her.
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It's so great to hear that they are getting along now!!

Don't worry my Reilly is an elephant too!
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Yay Trent and Ginger!! I'm so happy to hear that they are starting to along. Now Ophelia, it's your turn!
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Hehehe, that's good to hear! I just found out you had another cat Heidi! She's gorgeous!
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Ginger is not quite 10 pounds (but she is definitely growing!), but Trent is closer to 16-17 (I think he's still growing too, even though he's 7 years old! LOL). And he's always been heavy pawed. But I don't know which one is louder!

I don't think Ophelia will ever join in the stampede. She's much too composed and civilized for silly kitten games. Actually, one of the reasons I wanted a third cat was as a playmate for Trent. I think Jana is right - she's probably happy that Trent isn't chasing her anymore! As they were trumpeting up and down the hall today at lunch, Earl just looked at me and said "You wanted a playmate for Trent - You sure got it!"
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lmao .... Do you have the proper permits for elephants.....
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Joy, Heidi, your babies are getting along! This calls for a celebration!
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We had one kitten that soon became known as Leadfoot. When you were in the basement, you always knew it was him running across the floor.
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I have 2 elephants too! They stampede reguarly upstairs!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I don't think Ophelia will ever join in the stampede.
...I figured de scene... ...the face of Ophelia seeing at others:......

Awwwwww is great that Ginger could to adapt so well at home...
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That's great to hear Heidi!!! I bet Ophelia is pleased they're playing together so she can keep on being an elegant cat rather than stooping down to the level of a furry elephant

My 2 furry elephants are tearing around the house as we speak!
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It's great to hear that Trent and Ginger Cookie have become playmates!

My "elephants" are Peter and, especially Claire, who despite her delicate ladylike appearance, is any but! When they go at it, I kind of feel bad for my neighbor who lives downstairs!
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Jerry always says, when our kits are bounding through the house, when did they turn into lions??? SOOO glad that Trent and Ginger are pals now..............I still have hope that Ophelia will join a dignified way of course!
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Zebra and Milo are elephants too. Zebra is only 5 pounds, but she is loud when she is running around.
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I have 2 furry elephants as well. Every so offen (when Creep fells like it) Creep and Quicksilver will play "chase me chase me" lol. In which Quicksilver runs round the flat after Creep. They also play hit the kitten. In which Quicksilver jumps up at the chair Creep is sitting on and Creep just calmly wacks her on the head as, Quicksilver keeps jumping up to get her. lol
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The boys are crosses of elephants, monkies, and three year old boys. They also can sound like a heard of wild horses at 3am.
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I have a "band of wild monkeys" that run through my house, I mean, elephants could never make it up over the back of the couch, on top of the entertainment center, up the bunk bed ladder, leaping on top of the dresser, bouncing off the window perch, and then back to the living room...
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