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Help me name my foal

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My Shetlands have arrived, in the pouring rain, poor things, but here are some pix:

The mare is called Maisie. Her filly foal is four months old and has no name yet. Because of the French habit of allotting a letter to a year, her name must begin with 'T'. Any ideas, folks?

They are so small and sweet, and a bit nervous. I left Maisie's headcollar on so I could catch her later to worm her, but I thought I would let them have a few hours to get used to a new field. They wouldn't come near me of course, until I sat down in the field for half an hour ignoring them, with a bowl of carrot and apple slices. Then slowly Maisie came, the foal behind her, and in another twenty minutes she was eating out of my hand. The foal would only take bits from the ground so far - she is much more nervous. Funny how what works for feral cats also works for (almost) feral ponies! So I have my work cut out. The vet and farrier will come next week, when they are a little acclimatised. FYI, I got them from a BYB who is closing down - these poor ponies have been left in a field (with others) for three years with no vet or other care, and left to breed indiscriminately. The little stallion, who is a sweetie, is still there, but I have said it would be too much for me to take him on too. They have no papers or anything and I will keep them as pets and to graze the field, which I have carefully divided so they don't gorge themselves, as the grass is still very long and surprisingly lush.
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How about Takara it apparently means precious.
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Aww, are they ever cute! Looks like they're in paradise now with all that long, lush green grass.
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Yes, very dangerous if they get too much of it. They are penned in a small part of the big field to stop them eating too much.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
How about Takara it apparently means precious.
I like that name too - they are so cute!!
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Absolutely adorable.
I think shetlands look especially cute in their winter coats.
When is the mare due to foal again?
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Titania, Tinkerbell, or Tamara?
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I like Tinkerbell - it suits a Shetland's character. That can go on the shortlist. With a mother called Maisie and no antecedents she can speak of, I do not think she can have too high-faluting a name!
I don't know when she is due to foal - sometime in spring. I am hoping the vet can tell me more when he sees her. The previous owner did not know when she had been covered!
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Yeah, Tinkerbell does kind of suit a pony.
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Jenny, they are gorgeous!!! I also think Tinkerbell is great!!
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Your new arrivals are beautiful, Jenny, congratulations! You must be so excited that your ponies are finally home!

A fitting T name. I'm giving this a lot of thought. It has to be very pretty for this special girl, distinguished and matching her personality.
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THey are adorable!
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How about Tessa ?
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Oh,I LOVE ponies!!! Hey...I know a good T name!!! TATERBUG!!! <grin>
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Epona,if your a gamer youll know why,if not,well its a nice pony name
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I LOVE ponies, both real and plastic. In fact I love all things Equine. Why not call her Tenshi
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What about Trinity?
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Jenny, how about Tia!
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How about...Tiny?!? Or you could add Tiny to any other name, and it would start with a T, but have another second name.

She is cute. So is her Momma. Won't life be different for them now that they will be truly loved?!?
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They are both adorable Jenny.
I love Maisie's name....
Now for the naming of baby T.
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How about Twilight, Twinkie or twinkle, trudy or teeny instead of tiny??
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They're adorable!

So far as names go, how about:

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They're lovely, Jenny. I sat and looked at their picture for a few moments, and the T name that I couldn't push away was Tess.
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Thanks - some good ideas there. I was also thinking of Trixie. My daughter arrives tonight and we will go through all the names and make a decision! They have settled down fine overnight and are eating, drinking and pooping as ponies should! The cats can see them from the bedroom window and are fascinated. They are pushing each other off the sill so they can get a better look.
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Jenny, they are gorgeous! I'm so pleased that Maisie came to you!

You have a lot of names to choose from, so I won't add any more to the mix! I'm sure the right name will present itself!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
The cats can see them from the bedroom window and are fascinated. They are pushing each other off the sill so they can get a better look.
This is going to be fun Jenny...
Lots of pictures please.
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Maisie now comes running as soon as she sees me as she knows I have a treat for her. But she is being very protective of her foal and always stands between me and the little one, and I have not been able to get a hand on her yet. The foal has something on her neck and I am hoping it is just mud, but I am not sure. Oh well, patience is a virtue, with ponies as much as with cats.
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Jenny, your ponies are gorgeous. I'm so glad they came to you, they will be so well looked after.

You've had some great name suggestions so far. I like Tilly
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ooo I like the name Tango as someone posted earlier. That is a cute one. They are adorable little ponies.
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