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Radio question of the day: 10/16/06

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Will you be giving out candy on Trick or Treat? How many kids do you suppose you get?
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No. If we got trick or treaters around here I would love to do it! But we are doing a carving deal for the kids both young and old and having halloween treats like worm dirt!
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Yup, we'll have the candy, but I have no idea how many kids we'll get. It's our first year at the townhome. I'm sure we'll at least get the neighbors' kids (in our row). Kim, who used to live there, said it's either feast or famine - you'll either get tons of kids and run out of candy, or just a couple.
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Yes! If we are at the house in Key West, there are a lot of kids who will be out (including my Baby Brother). If we are at home, then there are a TON of kids who live in our neighborhood, so I am sure they will be out in droves.

More important than whether I will give candy or not is WHAT KIND of candy?

I am going to have Snickers, Reese's, and a bag of Hershey Kiss just in case I run out of the first two. I always pick the candy that I used to hord as a kid on Halloween!
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I was a little frustrated with the trick or treaters last year... but I will have candy to hand out. Lots of it, actually, so we can have the leftovers
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I will go and buy some candy, although I doubt I'll get any kids. We are in an apartment building and they aren't allowed to go door to door here
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nope, kids never come to our house. so I suppose we will get some candy for us.
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Don't expect any kids. So I'll have all the chocolate to myself! (As if any will be left by then! )
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Yes! We had around 20 trick-or-treaters last year, and expect around the same this year.
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I HIGHLY doubt we'll get any Trick-or-Treaters this year... one of the drawbacks of living in the country I suppose!

But we still have lots of candy just in case
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No. We live at a dead end street and never have any trick or treaters!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I will go and buy some candy, although I doubt I'll get any kids. We are in an apartment building and they aren't allowed to go door to door here
Same here, they are not allowed to go door to door in our buildings either, althought they can in the townhomes across the street.
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No. We live out in the country and it would take forever to trick or treat around here since every house is pretty far apart. I went out and bought some candy, but its just for us to eat.
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I'm going with my sister-in-law to take my 3 y/o niece (who'll be a witch- literally AND figuratively ) and 6 month old nephew (who'll be a scarecrow ) trick-or-treatin (well, the nephew will just be along for the ride). Bradley and his bro will give out candy at his bro's house.
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Yes, but I have no idea how many kids are going to come. It's a big apartment building.
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Yes, and I have been told I will have to buy a lot of candy because I live in a townhome neighborhood with a lot of kids nearby. It will be my first Halloween giving out candy.
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In my neighborhood every year they have what they call a Halloween parade, where the neighborhood children, adults and pets, all dress up and in a group stop at homes, to get their candy. Then it ends at a designated neighbors house, with a party for children and adults.
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Yes!In my neighborhood, we haven't had trick or treaters in almost 5 years (I live in a REALLY bad part of Memphis- no parent in their right mind would let their kid trick or treat there lol) .....In Colin's neighborhood (the next city over ) however that's an entirely different story! The kids all dress sooo adorably and there's always a ton of them , I love to see their costumes lol! Last year Colin and I almost ran out of candy , so this year, we will stock up well for those little ones - We also always make sure there is a parent/guardian with each child that comes up to the door or a car close by. This year Colin might do "trunk or treat" from his squad car with the other officers at the police station so the neighborhood kids have a safe place to go on haloween. I think I will stay at the house and pass out candy while he does that, but if he doesn't do that, we will both pass out candy
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I don't pass out candy at my place, but I do go over my Mom's usually. There has a big increase in kids in my parent's neighborhood so I expect there to be a lot of them this year
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We'll have some goodies to hand out, as usual, but it'll all be stuff we don't mind having left over, because we don't get many kids. A heavy year is well under 20.
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I'll probably just participate in the "trunk or treat" put on by the local churches every year. There is an old closed down factory outside of town with a parking lot that covers about 6 acres. The electric company checks out the parking lots lights and turns them on the night of the trunk or treat for free, and everyone parks their cars in this huge circle (171 cars last year), and pass out candy from the trunks of the cars and back of pickup trucks. It's lots of fun, the adults get to mingle, can keep an eye on all the kids, and you know where all the candy comes from.

Mischief Mistoffolees went with me last year (in harness), and the black cat was as big a hit as the candy. But, all the kids started stressing him out and he spent the last half of the night sleeping in his pet taxi in the back seat
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I live in an apartment on the back of a house, so no kids at my door!! Thank god
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Nope. We don't celebrate Halloween. I think most families around here bring thier kids to the ritzy neighborhood up the road...they give out better candy!
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i live in the middle of no place,
So unless the wildlife comes up and knocks on the door i dont expect any kids at all.
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Yes, lots of kids will be around for the candy. I expect about 100 kids. I always buy candy that I like (chocolate of course) so that eating any leftovers is not a problem.
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Yes we will be giving out candy....and we will probably have about 50 kids or so....we live on a one street neighborhood....but we are the only house that goes all out for decorations...so we get other people from different neighborhoods that come in....
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I would love to give out candy, but the entrance to our apartment is on the side of the house and it's set up with a security light that only comes on when triggered by motion from the back of the house (where the parking lot is). Since kids would be coming from the front, they wouldn't trigger the security light (or even likely notice that our doorway leads to a separate apartment from the front of the house). Besides that, I don't think our neighbourhood gets a lot of kids, so I certainly don't need to have any candy left over for us to munch on!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Will you be giving out candy on Trick or Treat? How many kids do you suppose you get?
I would love to answer this question Susie!

But unfortunately in México doesn´t have this tradition!....
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We've had a bowl of candy on the desk hutch next to the front door since October 1st! Anya's favorite activity has since been to sit next to it and "test gravity" as she fishes out a piece with her mouth and then drops it piece by piece onto the floor.

I'm getting dressed up for a costume party we're going to late that night, so I'll be there ready for trick-o-treaters, but I doubt we'll have any. We live next door to two retirement homes and aren't really in a kid heavy neighborhood.
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Yes we will! But I have no idea how many kids to expect because we just moved into our new house last month. I'm so excited for Halloween! I love to see the little kids all dressed up.
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