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Natures Miracle? Review please!

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As some of you know I was shopping around for a new litter, because I bought this horrible, cheap non clumping kind, big mistake for a first time cat owner! After getting some information here, I went out and bought Arm & Hammer super scoop. The smell was wonderful the first few days, but now its really getting on my nerves!

Arm & Hammer is also a bit expensive compared to some of the others. So I have heard great things about Natures Miracle. I was actually going to buy a big bag of that but it didnt say 'clumping' anywhere, and I didnt want to buy another non clumping litter. Does this litter clump?

I know its not good to keep changing litter, and I will only change if I get really good reviews about this one. More than anything I want a clumping litter that works well, and seals odors pretty good. Please help!
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Yes, it clumps, and there are a lot of posts about Nature's Miracle on this site if you do a search for it.

I have been using this brand for a year and recommend it highly. The cat likes it, I like it, it's clumping (very quick too), eliminates nearly all smell (there is a bit of a pong right after the cat poos, but it quickly dissipates) and it's flushable in the toilet.
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Our cats love it because it's fluffy and feels nice on their paws. It's not perfumed, it clumps, and the room the litterbox is in doesn't smell. Thumbs up from me!
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Gizmo decided to 'do her business' this morning while I was in the bathroom and I scooped the box immediately after she peed and pooped just to see how efficacious the litter was.

Nature's Miracle clumps in approximately five seconds. Great stuff.
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Who sells it? I may give it a try if its a brand that some stores will carry (like WalMart?).
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Walmart has it, which is why I asked (I do most shopping

I believe I may take it into consideration. I bought two bags of Feline Pine and I am thinking Ceci is urinating WAY too much and after only a week I have to fully replace the litter because the pellets have all turned to dust
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Maybe a trip to the vet is in order? She hasnt been to the vet since her vaccinations/spay surgery (with foster mom)
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I use chicken feed. (egg laying crumbles) It clumps, no perfume, and cheap!! You can buy it at feed stores. You can search this site for more info.
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Chicken feed is a food, and I prefer to use corncob products that don't waste something that someone (or something) could eat. I also found that a cat litter made from it tracked horribly--Gizmo got yellow dust all over the house.
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Nature's Miracle is also a food. My cats occasionally taste it when it is freshly installed. Since they see it as food-like, they will not use it as litter unless the other boxes are all used. I must say that I love the stuff though: no dust, doesn't hurt your feet when you step on it, no odors, flushable. It would be my litter of choice if my cats could only find it in themselves to like it. So, as it stands the Nature's Miracle resides in the backup box. One other con though, it is way $$$.
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Corncobs are not a food product. They use citrus oils in the mix to cover the smells. While a cat might taste some of Nature's Miracle, it's definitely not something you'd serve it for dinner.
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I don't think I would be serving chicken feed for dinner either. I don't have the tracking problem, and I think it is much less dusty than the commercial clumping litters. I used sophiticat before the chicken feed. I was worried about the sophiticat dust getting into my asthma cat's lungs and my lungs (allergies). With the chicken feed there are no harmful chemicals to penetrate our lungs, and a cotton rug next to the boxes catches any stray litter stuck in paws. There is not a shortage of feed for chicks is there?
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As a matter of fact, there is a grain shortage.
It's going to be increasingly necessary to make ethical choices on what to feed our animals--and what to put in their litter boxes.
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As a matter of fact, there is a grain shortage.
Interesting, I didn't know we had a grain shortage. Are we still paying farmers not to farm land. I thought we had a lot of unused farms, and that we could increase our compatible crops easily, for example growing crops to make fuel with. coluld you please post info about our grain shortage, I would be interested in reading about it?
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I wouldnt want to use chicken feed as a litter. Chicken feed is just that, food for chickens. I wouldnt want anyone to know that I am buying chicken food for my cat to poop in, i'd probably get scolded at the feed store
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[QUOTEI wouldnt want anyone to know that I am buying chicken food for my cat to poop in, i'd probably get scolded at the feed store

I don't see what is wrong with using it, it is natural and very much like WBCL. The owner of my feed store doesn't think there is anything wrong with it. He thinks it is interesting, and I think he might try it. Why wouldn't you want anyone to know. There are plenty of things in this world that we use for more than one purpose. Ever use hairspray to get ink out of a shirt?
It is intended for your hair, but it works as an excellent ink remover.
I am not understanding what the atitude is with using chicken feed as kitty litter. Can someone explain?
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This is off topic, but since several people have asked for additional information, here it is:

You can find out for yourself by simply reading about the horrible growing season in the USA this year due to the heat waves in the West and South.

It is a sin, I think, to waste food in cat litter when there are perfectly acceptable solutions (corn cobs, wheat husks, or pine shavings) available.
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Well in southern MN (where we are) the farmers had an excellant year with both the corn crop and the sugar beets crop. The sugare beets were so good that the farmers were being told to plow 8% of their fields under cause they have no more room to store the sugar beets!

No shortage of corn here
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That won't always be the case, and it's a matter of ethics for's just not right to have a cat using food for its toilet when there are acceptable substitutes.
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We love the Nature's Miracle litter.
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It is a sin, I think, to waste food in cat litter when there are perfectly acceptable solutions (corn cobs, wheat husks, or pine shavings) available
It's not like i'm using a side of beef, or a bushel of apples, it is chicken feed, low quality grains. It is not being wasted. It is being used, and it is all natural, and healthier for me and my cats. It has a multi purpose, feed and litter. If everyone would use it, then we wouldn't have a need to waste resources on toxic chemical laden litters that are unhealthy for us and our amimals. I think it is wasteful to spend a fortune on litters like WBCL. Now that is a crime, to spend all that money for a cat to poop in. Way to self indulgent for me and my pocketbook.
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Dont get me wrong, Im in no way putting down those of you that use the chicken feed, I just personally wouldnt.

Where I live I think just about every other house has chickens. I see the old man that lives next door feeding his chickens every morning. I wouldnt feel right using something that is FOOD for my cat to do her business in, even if it is for chickens its still food.
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Just a gentle reminder that this is not the IMO forum. If you would like to have an ethical debate on corn based litter, please do so there.

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