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Litter boxes.....

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Where do you guys have yours? My friend is "thinking" about getting a cat, but she says she has no room for a litter box. She lives in a single wide mobile home and she says there is no where to put one.

I have a basement, so I have 4 boxes and they are down there. What about you guys?
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One in the bathroom and one in the computer room. No basement here.

Master bath is being redone, so it can't go in there. Don't want to put it in the kitchen, the living room or the master bedroom. There's one other room, but it's a mess right now.
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Well I have one in the hall by the downstairs bathroom and one in the office downstairs.
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We have ours in the hall by the front door because we don't have anywhere else for it.
In our new house I think we'll put it in the spare room, and when somebody stays over we'll put it out in the hall, or maybe downstairs. I am very lucky indeed to have incredably flexible cats who don't mind things like that being moved about.
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Well I live in a single wide and at one point I had 2 in my bathroom, 3 in the kitchen and 1 in my bedroom, but now that my spare room has been cleared out, I have one in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom and 8 in the spare room the one in the kitchen is going to be phazed out here shortly though, didn't wanted to give the kitties a chance to get used to going in the spare room
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There was a small (as in only about 4ft tall) broom closet in our kitchen under the stairs.
The door was removed and we have a hinged baby gate installed 6 inches off the floor.
The box is in there.
I'm thinking of getting some light canvas drapes to hang down just to the top of the baby gate.
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We have always had one in the laundry room, but since Elsa's surgery we had to have one on the main floor too, so it is in our as-yet-otherwise-unfinished sunroom.
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We have the 2 of ours in our bedroom. We are fortunate that we have a big bedroom, so they both fit along the wall on either side of our dressers. We use the bigger Rubbermaid Totes - so they each have their own, and there is enough room in there for them, and our stuff.

I've moved Harley's box around like 5 times since we've had him Until we finally found the spot in the bedroom that worked the best. I'm lucky, like Lauren, that Harley & Davidson are so flexible and don't mind whenever we move them.
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I have two in a closet/storage room off the entry in my apartment and one in a corner of my spare bedroom. Seems to be an acceptable arrangement for my crew!
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ok, I live in a small duplex, as in the basement is off limits to the kitts. So we have a main living area/dining room with a tiny kitchen off of it, a hall way with a coat closet, and linen closet, a regular sized bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. I have 1 litterbox for 2 cats, and change it twice a week/scoop daily and we keep it in the closet in Jazzy's room. She has 1/2 the closet, and the other 1/2 is shelves, so it's below the shelves on the bottom....and it has a cover so nothing can fall into it. Then we just leave the door open about 5 inches.
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one downstairs in the foyer...it's on a tile floor which is easy for cleanups
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My two are in the bathroom. It reminds me every time they go to clean it out.
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We never eat in my kitchen and my table is used more for storage than for eating off of, so we keep two litter boxes underneath the table, up against the wall. In my tiny apartment, there really is no place else for them.
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I have Carl's in the dining/breakfast room. We have the Booda Dome, which takes up very little space and has a carbon filter to prevent smells.

It is about 12 feet away from the living room and I have never smelled a single litter box odor of any kind. I have an Oust fan thing right next to the box, which works very well too. I was really nervous about having my apartment smell like cat litter, but I was so pleasantly surprised!

Oh, and we use the Feline Pine cat litter, which absorbs the smell (and the liquid). Works beautifully!
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I've got two downstairs in the laundry/half bath and one upstairs in the spare room (which never gets used). I could put one in our room if I had too but they are more stinky than us most of the time and Wickett is a digger and it would wake/keep me up hearing him digging around.
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I use to live in a single wide trailer.. It was a 2 bedroom... There's plenty of places to put it... The bathroom,, a closet,,..

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Seee, I told her PLENTY of people don't have basements and that they make do with what they have...............
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I have a 2 story home, and with 8 cats I have the 5 covered litter boxes, I downstairs, 2 in one bedroom, 1 in my bedroom closet and 1 in the computer room, I have that same amout of litter lockers also, I have had people tell me that they would never know I had 8 cats inside. But I am home all but 2 days a week so I clean them several times aday and I use the disinfectent wipes all around the sides and the outside of the boxes also...Works for me
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There's our siggy's again Lois.............your Tiggy and my Dunkin are long lost brothers I think!
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I have 4 in the wash room and one in my bedroom.
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Two in the spare room, one in the far corner of the living room and one in the bathroom
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We have 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the guest room, and 1 in the basement (that one hardly ever gets used).
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1 in the cats playroom, 2 in the study, 1 in the laundry room, 1 in a bathroom, 1 in the media room, 1 in the computer room.
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Mine is in the living room behind the sofa. I have no room in the bathroom and having it in the kitchen is no good since Duke eats in there. The bedroom was no good since Sibohan lives in there and the kids like to dig while i'm sleeping. So the livingroom works for me!
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Mine are both in the furnace room. It's not the greatest place for it because its right by the door where we go to go outside and you can smell it sometimes. In my old apartment, I used to keep it in the living room, there was a little corner that it fit perfectly in.
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Kitchen (only done recently though due to a foster), front room x 2, cat room (fosters only), bedroom and bathroom. Told the people who adopted one of my cats this week that I think the best placed one here is hte one in teh bathroom, really easy to maintain!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
There's our siggy's again Lois.............your Tiggy and my Dunkin are long lost brothers I think!
Hey Susie your confussed for sure you said my tiggy and your dunkin The nuts are out
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We have 1 litter box (inside carpeted Box from Drs. Fosters and Smith) in main bath upstairs, and another 1 (carpeted box too) in the computer/cats room, these are extra large boxes. They love the carpeted box and I think it contains the smell! And there is a small one in our den around a corner near the bar that we never use unless there is a party!! So it's kind of hidden.
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2 in one closet. One they poop in, the other they pee in.
What's up with that?
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One tucked away behind a curtain under the sink in the bathroom (great hiding spot!) , One in my room, and one in the hallway -all covered
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