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Help me with choosing food.......

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for finicky cat.

I have 2 cats, 5 years old. They have both been on Nutro dry. REcently my male cat had blood in urine and a possible UTI. He was treated with antibiotics and a prescription diet. He did not care for the prescription diet. We could not get either cat to eat it.

He's feeling much better now, but he hasn't been back for his recheck.

After talking to the vet and reading tips on the internet, I've decided that he needs canned food for some of his diet. We have tried so many different brands trying to get something he would eat. I'm afraid now that some of the brands that I dismissed, he just didn't eat them because he was so sick. The better he got to feeling, the less discriminating his tastes became.

Is there a brand of food out there that almost any cat likes the taste of, both dry and wet?? And it needs to be a high quality food or one that isn't known to be a problem for cats with urinary tract issues.

Any suggestions? Main question is on taste......I'm guessing that every cat doesn't have the same urinary tract problems regardless of the food.
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Which Nutro are you on?? If its natural choice the max has more flavor and is UTI certified

My girls eat about ten different brands of wet in rotation and the Younger one also get two drys mixed ...
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There are special diet friskies canned foods for urinary health, but I am not sure how many people here feel that Friskies isn't a good food, because it is not the highest in quality. Fancey feast is a popular one. I cannot afford really pricey foods, so I feed mine friskies canned and they love it and are doing really well on it. You can check out Janet and Binkys food chart here http://www.geocities.com/jmpeerson/canfood.html if you know what is needed to be limited in the foods.

Also you can read up on feline nutrition here http://catinfo.org/

As far as taste goes, the real stinky ones are usually the most tempting. Try chicken and liver, beef and liver, etc, and find out which ones are more appealing to your kittie.

I hope this helps you!
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I would recommend Royal Canin....it's very palatable and uses high quality ingredients.
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