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Finally!!! An Interview!

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Some of you know i just moved to Portland from Chicago. I struggled looking even for part time work in Chicago for two years (why wouldn't Borders want me? I have book experience). The struggle was continuing here... I would prefer library work, but some retail would be fine... so over a month ago I turned in an application to Fabric Depot... yes, I sew (among so many other things), and have been shopping in fabric stores since I could walk (and probably before, being hauled around by my mother). I even went over there yesterday to buy some curtain fabric for a project.

Well, today I got a call. I have an interview Monday. Yes, it's retail, but it's close to me, a fun place, I know at least one person there, and I GET A DISCOUNT ON FABRIC! MUAAHAAHAAHAAHAA!!!!!

Okay... that's only IF I get a position... right now, I'm just so *bleeping* happy I get an interview...

This is a good week so far... let's just hope it continues.
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Good interview vibes for you! Congrats on getting it!
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Congrats! I was on the job hunt myself recently and know how exciting it is to get the call for an interview. Good luck!
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...Congratulations and Good luck!:......

Keep us updated about it!
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Congrats!! vibes coming your way I know how hard it is to stay positive. But good luck and keep us updated.
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