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Continued vibes on their way. Hope the little sweetie is feeling tiptop for her adventure on Thursday.
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Lots of vibes coming Ginger's way! Fingers crossed that she'll be better and up to flying on Thursday.
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Just finding this as I haven't been on-line today. So good to hear Ginger is better and the TCS vibes are working. Here's more vibes for her to {{{{continue to improve}}}} and be ready to fly to her new meowmy on Thursday. And vibes for a {{{{good flight}}}} for Ginger.
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We seemed to be a bit overly optimistic about how soon Ginger was getting better. She is eating and drinking and full of spunk (so acting normally ) but she still has a fever of 104 this morning (normal cat temp is 102.5).

Right now we're deciding if we should just cancel the flight tomorrow and perhaps try for Friday, or wait and see. The vet said since Ginger is acting OK she believes it is nothing more than a reaction to the vaccination, but she wants the fever to be gone before she flies.
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Awwww Heidi that's a shame. I can see why the vet wants to wait to be sure because i remember Sophie having a tummy upset a few days before she was spayed and she was on medication to settle it, but the day of her op the vet took her temperature and she was just one digit over the normal reading but she still wouldn't spay her.

Hopefully by the end of the week Ginger will be 100% but sending more (((((healthy vibes))))) over for the little one
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Bummer, Heidi. I can see why the vet would want Ginger to be 100% before she flies. Tough enough for a human to fly while under the weather. Hope she's feeling fine soon.
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Heidi, even if Ginger's fever doesn't come down, you don't have to worry about her not getting enough love & attention to get better, we all know Eileen has spoiled your baby rotten! I am sending some last minute get well soon vibes for Ginger & you!
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We decided to go ahead and cancel the flight reservations for tomorrow, and Eileen rescheduled for a Friday morning flight. We're being optimistic that Ginger's fever will come down with another day of rest (if you can make a calico kitty rest!). We both want what is best for Ginger, and that means I will have to wait at least one more day, and Eileen gets one more day with sweet little Ginger. Thankfully, since the reservations are for cargo, there isn't the penalties and fees for rescheduling flights.

Thanks for the support and vibes everyone!
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Many thanks from me too! Getting Ginger to rest is definitely going to be a challenge. She's a busy, spunky little girl! I'm thrilled to have the extra day with her, but more than anything, just want to get Ginger home to Heidi and Earl, where she belongs!
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
She's a busy, spunky little girl!
Ha! I fell for that description with Phoenix. You don't know what you're in for Heidi and Phoenix is really living up to her name. Sounds like she's worth the wait so glad you're able to rebook the flight. I'm sure you want her to be healthy to be able to make the transition.

to Eileen for being there and helping out this little one.
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As of the temp check tonight - she's down to 102 (normal!)!! Her fever has broke, she's full of spunk, and as long as her temp checks OK tomorrow morning she will be on a flight to Colorado on Friday!

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Woo-Hoo!! I'll keep my fingers crosse in my sleep for you(toes, too!)!!!
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*sending good vibes your way*
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Everything crossed, Heidi!
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I'm glad you decided to wait. I know you're anxious to have her, but an extra day will probably do her a world of good.

I'm so happy Ginger is feeling better!
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Yeah Heidi - Ginger is coming Friday!!!!!
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That's excellent news! Sending more good vibes for her on the flight!
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Awww Heidi and Eileen- I'm just seeing and catching up with this thread but that is awesome news about Ginger! Woo hoo! I am glad she's back to her spunky self and cannot wait until she joins your family. She sounds beautiful, but of course I'm partial to dilute calicos . Can't wait to hear how all goes once she's in her new furrever home!
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Brilliant news!

Sending continued }}}VIBES{{{ for Ginger to get even more better and for her flight!

You must be so excited now, Heidi!
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Yay, Heidi! One more day and your little girl will be home! This will be even better having the entire weekend together as she and the rest of the family get to know each other!
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Yay your little girl is coming home!!!
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Heidi and Eileen...
Ginger is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love.
Lots of calming vibes & prayers are on the way.

Fly to your Mommy sweet Ginger...
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Just saw this now. Sending "safe trip" vibes for Ginger and hoping she stays healthy and happy! Congrats!
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I'm so sorry Ginger had a reaction to the distemper vaccination!!!!! Thank God that's all it was!!!!!!

I'm sending out vibes that her temp is normal again today!

But Heidi and Eileen - WE LACK INFORMATION! When is Ginger's flight? When is she expected to arrive in CO? We need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is too exciting. My heart goes out to poor Ginger, who is going to be so scared. But with Heidi's loving arms and home to welcome her, I'm sure all will be just fine.

I'm so excited for Heidi and Ginger!

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Ginger's temp was back at normal both last night and this morning, and Eileen talked with her vet who has given clearance for takeoff.

Ginger will be flying tomorrow morning. We'll be starting one more Ginger Vibes thread closer to the time when she'll be flying. I get to pick her up at around 11:00 MST.
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This is so exciting! Thank you for the info!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Yay your little girl is coming home!!!

she is a very cute kitty.
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How exciting! Ginger will be flying tomorrow! So, let's see- 11:00MST is 7:00HST. I'll be thinking of you and Ginger as I feed my crew and do morning litter box duty tomorrow.
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Just catching the thread! Wow ! This is going to be so great!
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YAY!!! Ginger is coming home!! Heidi, you must be beyond excited!

I will be sending lots of calming vibes Ginger's way as she travels tomorrow.
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