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I did it!! I got married!!

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Well, i got married on August 19th so i am now Mrs Jennifer Ephgrave. It was a wonderful and emotional day. Here is a pic of us:

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Congratulations!!! You make a great couple!!
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And you're on TCS? You should be on your honeymoon!

Best Wishes in your new life together!
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CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER!!! Best Wishes to the both of you!

P.S. - Good choice of a wedding date - we got married the same day!!!!!
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Congratulations!!, you looked beautiful!!
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Your flowers are stunning!!!
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Congratualtions! I love your flowers and dress too!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome to NewlyWed Bliss!!! Cherish every moment, it goes by so fast!!!
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Congratulations!!!! Wonderful picture!
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Congratulations!! I love your dress!
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so many tcs'rs have gotten married in the past 2 months!
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Congrats fellow newlywed!
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Congrats! Your dress is very pretty.
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