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Reflecting 20 yrs ago today, Poopsie

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I see posts occasionally where people ask how long it takes for the pain to go away. I've thought about answering, but I think a great deal depends on how much you cared. And who can measure that?

My very first cat after I moved away from home was named Poopsie. She had a beautiful calico face with a mainly black tortie body and when I moved during my younger days, she was the last thing that I threw in the car on top of the pile. Imagine....moving everything you owned in your car. Ah...the good ol' days.

Last night I got her picture album out, then after DH went to bed I sat for a long time looking at them. Some smiles, some tears. I worry sometimes about forgetting them as the years pass, the way they sounded, their unique purrsonalities. But you know what? You never do. Not if they really mattered to you. About the time she died today, it felt like was like it was only yesterday.

I'll scan in a picture one of these days and show her to you.
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Poopsies well and truly alive in your heart alright after all this time! And i'm sure she's met many of the TCS cats and kittens who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

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Glad to know that others remember pets long long after the cross the Bridge.
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What a cat story. Hugs to you in the loss of your cat so long ago, but yet still so close to your heart. I lost my soulmate, Max last summer. It seems like to long in a way, but yet he still seems so alive in my heart. Lord how I miss him, even with the two remaining cats, and another I recently acquired.
They are so special and it hurts to much to lose them. Hugs and peace to all who know the heartache of losing a special pet.
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Proof that true love never dies and the spirit never wanes. I'm sure that Poopsie looks down from Heaven and sees you every day - 20 years is nothing compared to forever. Thank you for sharing. and I look forward to seeing a pic of such a precious cat.
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I know what you mean - Mitten was my first cat - died at age 13, which was 1983 - and it still hurts at times thinking about him. I know he's waiting at Rainbow Bridge with Mr. Spooky Man (our 15 yr old rex that died yesterday).
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Sounds like your relationship with Poopsie was very special.

I know I miss Festie's sister Mattie sometimes...just out of the blue, I get an achiness and wish she was here. I have plenty of cats, and plenty of fosters. And Festie has a lot of Mattie in her...but there is still a hole in our family where Mattie belongs.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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Thank you for your little memorial to Poopsie.

Rest in (continued!) peace Poopsie.
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