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Should we have favourites?

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I have 11 cats (at the moment) and sorry to say, I do not love them all equally - I do have my favourites and somehow, they are all male...

So do you think I'm a bad person? Should I learn to NOT have favourites?

Just a general question - do YOU have a favourite cat and why???
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My Bella was my favorite and always will be, no-one can even come's just like people in your life every person is different and you are drawn to a person or your not. I don't think you should feel bad it's natural. That's just my opinion though.
I am editing this because I realize you had another ?? on your post, Bella was my lap cat and knew whenever I needed her and was always there for me purring for hours on end. I had her before any of my others and she got me through some tough times, and we have a very strong connection. Also she slept by my head for over 12 years.
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Rosie will always be my number one girl as she was the first one to enter my life, but when it comes to being a love bug Sophie leads the way, because as soon as i make myself comfortable she's there on my lap purring away until she drops off to sleep
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Harley will always be my #1, as he was the first to come into my life and mold me into the cat lover that I am now!
But as far as cuddly love bugs, Davidson is the one - he's the one thats always there to cuddle with me whenever I'm laying or sitting down!
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My Noira will always be my favorite. She is just so tiny and sweet and extremely affectionate towards me and no one else. I have 6 other cats besides her.
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I wouldn't really say she's my favorite but Antigone holds a very special place in my heart and I'm not even sure why, particularly. She's just my beautiful girl and she is very smart, although that gets her in trouble more often
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I can't say that I have a favorite. Each of mine holds a special place in my heart for different reasons and I love them equally for the unique, sweet creatures that they are.
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I don't know that I can say that I have a favorite, but the kitties do. Trent is definitely Mommy's Boy, and so we do have a pretty strong connection. Ophelia is Daddy's Girl, but I love her just the same. On first thought, I thought Trent was my favorite, but I don't think it's really him being my favorite, just a different relationship than the one I have with Ophelia.
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Yes I have my favorite cats as my cats have their favorite people.

Gizmo the alpha is everyones cat. She has no favorites and nobody considers her their favorite. She keeps peace between all humans and felines.

Button is my daughters favorite and Button feels the same about Gennie. There is no doubt that Button is my daughters cat

Uno is my BF favorite and the feeling is mutual. She will snuggle with me as well but Greg is definatly her favorite.

Charmin is my sons cat as my son is her favorite.

Egore, Moochie and Jasper are everyones cat. I don't think anyone considers them the favorite and they don't seem to have a favorite human. They interact with all of us in the same manner. They love all of us equally as we do them.

Bob and Penelope the two babies are fast becoming my favorites. They are so sweet and love to follow me around the house.

Jasmine is not favored by anyone nor does she favor anyone. She is the loner of all the cats. You rarely see her cuddle with another cat or us. She likes to get pets and that but she can take you or leave you depending on her mood.

We love all our cats and they all seem to love us just on different levels

Oh and I am the dogs favorite. I can not go anywhere with out them soon following me. If I am outside, they whine to come outside. If I go inside, they whine to come inside. Even if I am only gone a minute or two. If I am upstairs in the bedroom they are both up there with me.
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Heidi, I think we have the same cats reincarnate!

LuckyGirl is my baby, I couldn't love her more if I carried her in my womb. She has strung such a cord in my heart....she was alone, a wild-cat semi-feral but used to begging for food at the hotel we found her at. She was a skeleton, and severly malnourished. She has a bunny rabbits tail, and we found that she was born with a birth defect (after researching cats I know that she would've been neglected by the momma cat ). Then she had Bartonella and had to take antibiotics for 3 weeks. And through all of that, her biggest mistake is getting on my table. She had no boundaries. She had never bit, hissed, or not use the litter box. She did have her nights/days mixed up a bit. But she is my soft spot.

However, she doesn't care too much for me. I mean she loves me, but her Daddy is her world! She just melts anytime he's around, and she's affectionate with me when it suites her.

Now, Louie, I don't feel so bad for. He has always been fed, and loved and played with. But he is a cuddler....and I have been dying for that. I handed him right over for his shots, with no hard feelings, with her I was a wreck. But I do hold Louie more, she doesn't want to be held, so what am I to do? And Louie is definately Momma's boy...he sleeps with me each night...and I am totally in love with that....his purring through the night makes me wake up and feel pure joy all through the night. And sometimes he'll reach up and stretch his paw onto my face.... .

So I guess my answer would be the same thing my parents told me & my sister when we were little, I love you both equally but differently!!!
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Miagi will always be my #1 boy as he was the first cat to come into my life. and Tiger will always be my #1 love bug. I love them both the same, it's just different you know? the same goes for my dogs. Rocky is my #1 boy for being a kissy face. Jenny is my #1 girl for always being there for me and also being a kissy face. Ginger is my #1 girl because she makes my mom happy and that makes me happy. and last but not least, Buster will always be my #1 hunk of a hound.
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Mouse was my favorite. currently, Pixel is my favorite, but Chip is working his way there... if he was more trusting he'd probably already be there, but it's taking time. he's doing much better, & not nipping at me nearly as much.
to me - a favorite is the one whose purrsonality meshes best with yours. i love my young girls Cable & Java, but they just don't have the same habits the other two do - they aren't lap cats, & that's what i like best.
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I think Phenom is my favorite becuase she was my first cat. Well the first one that was mine and mine alone. She loves to cuddle with me on her own terms. I love when she runs to me and chirps for attention.

But I love Phantom as much. She is a love bug. She wants to be with me all the time. She constantly meows to be picked up but its these tiny half air meows.

They are both very special to me but I have my first girl a very special place in my heart.
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I love both of my girls equally, but my favourite cat will be always be our sweet Byron. He was the most perfect cat you could ever wish to have. He was friendly with everyone, was an indoor/outdoor cat who would come running from wherever he was sleeping when we came home and greet us like we'd been gone for weeks, snuggle with us every night and was just so affectionate and laidback. Whenever I napped, he would nap with me, and whenever I was sick, he wouldn't leave my side.

When he got killed, both my husband and my heart's broke. He did turn my husband into a cat fan though, and showed him how wonderful the love of a cat is. Everyone who met him fell in love with him.

So yes, I do have a favourite, and I'm sure most people can't help but have a favourite. Every cat will always be special and loved, but having a favourite is perfectly normal.
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A few years back DH and I were having a conversation about what we'd do if we could only have one pet. We both agreed that our cat Scooter would be our choice. If ever there was a little purrson in a fur suit, it was him. About 3 months later he was diagnosed with lymphoma and died shortly after. He was nine years old. We've talked about that conversation many times since then. It felt almost like we brought it upon ourselves just by saying it. So while I probably do have my favorites, I would never admit it.
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I love all of my furbabies soo much! I think it would be hard to chooose a favorite! They each have little quirks and different personalities that i find absolutely adorable!
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Sam is a major mush and lovebug.
Clio is the sweetest but always a lady.
Pru is elusive and affection from her is a treat.

I love each of them differently, and some days more than others. I try not to show it though, I don't want any hurt feelings. Gee, can you tell I was a middle child?
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
I can't say that I have a favorite. Each of mine holds a special place in my heart for different reasons and I love them equally for the unique, sweet creatures that they are.

My thought exactly...
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Tigger, Sterling, Laptop, Shadow Ram or Charlie.
Shadow Ram is alpha, but Tigger would debate that.
Shadow Ram has chosen my son as primary slave.
Laptop has chosen me as his primary slave.
Sterling and Tigger have chosen my wife as primary slave.
Charlie has not chosen a primary slave.
Tigger sleeps with wife and I. (he uses wife as pillow and follows her almost everywhere in the house)
All the cats (except for Laptop) will use me as a pillow/sofa if I'm laying face down, but not if I'm face up.
I'm only safe (for Sterling) if I'm sitting on a chair at the table, at the top of the stairs, in the kitchen or laying face down on the bed.
I have a soft spot in my heart for Sterling (he's diabetic and my first wife died of the disease)
Soft spot for Tigger as he's in early stage kidney disease.
Soft spot for Charlie since he's a three legged cat now (rescued him from Angels with Paws)
Rescued Laptop, Sterling and Shadow Ram (all brothers) from farm (too many cats and a litter had just been born of two mommy cats)
Tigger is oldest @ 12
Charlie youngest at three
The brothers are 6
Charlie is the heaviest @ 16 (not much fat but lots of muscle because of three legs)
Tigger is lightest @ 9 lbs.

I don't think I have a favorite, except for my bird. I've had Sunshine for 14 years and I weaned her.
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Sunshine is always my favorite. I treat him twice as nicely as my other cats. He has heart cardiomypathy and he may only live half as long as the other cats, so I treat him with twice the love.
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My Rainbow Bridge Boy, Snoopy will always be my number 1 Boy. There will never be any cat or friend like him. He was truly special.

Of the kitties with me now, I'd have to say Simba is my favourite. I love them all, but Simba is the most "in your face", and the most funny of all of my kitties. He's a delight to be around, most of the time, and he is just so darn cute.
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My favorite was our Calico girl Patches who died of old age.She was the one that we found beside the road starved,flea and tick infested.She would let the kids pack her around and never gave them any grief about it.
Lilly is fastly becoming my current favorite.Why?Because she looks like Patches and is MY cat!! Corwin is my DD and Blaze is my middle son's cat.
Lilly loves to cuddle up on my chest with me and purr the whole time she is there.
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I love all fours of mine and they each have a special place in my heart, but I will totally admit to having a favourite. Bumper was my favourite from the second I seen him (well the second he jumped on me seen as he seen me before I seen him).

I think it has more to do with him loving me more than the other kitties do than anything else... my BF didn't have Scully when I met him and Magnum was mean and jealous of me and Boomer was a big scaredy cat and always hid from people so I didn't 'really' see him until I moved in... but Bumper is a big bundle of cuddly love.
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My favourite kitty passed away 8 years ago, her name was sneaky.

WHen i look at kaylee she is literally the same as Sneaky, so now i dont feel so bad that sneaky passed away all those years ago, because kaylee seems to have replaced her, by greeting me every morning, sleeping by my side and always coming for cuddels and purrs.

I love Teufel equally, but he is only interested in me when it suits him.
He used to favour my ex alot more than me, and sometimes i feel like i took something away from him
Although about once a day teufel will come and sit on my lap for about 5 minutes untill he gets over stimulated.
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I love all four of my kitties for their own special reasons!

My number one cat will always and forever be my RB Disco! She was such a wonder throughout my childhood and we went through so much together!

Despite her tortitude, she is my light!
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I love both of my cats. I think they are each a favorite depending on the mood that I am in. Patches my little boy is real playful and funny. Alice is a quiet cuddler, so it depends on the mood I am in. I think I am lucky to have two cats that are very different but they get along great and they have since they were small kittens.
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My spouse thinks I have a favorite! I don't think I do, and I try to make them both as happy as they can be.

Athena is friendly with both my spouse and I, and Artemis likes only me. When my spouse was living with me, I spent much more time with Artemis on my lap, and Athena was usually on his lap. However, my spouse went out of state for graduate school, so it's up to me to be the human socialization for both cats now. I think Artemis and Athena spend equal amounts of time on my lap. I've got one on my lap right now ... let me check who it is (they are very simliar) ... it's Athena!

Artemis is much more insistent when she wants attention, and it feels very good to have a cat who really appears to be bonded to me in particular. Even though it is painful, her wild kneading on my lap is a wonderful feel, and she often sleeps on top of me, which I love. I call her beautiful more often, because her black hair is more even, blacker, and she walks in a much daintier way.

Athena, on the other hand, is more insistent about me getting the yarn out of play with her. I've had a deep relationship with Athena for longer, despite the fact that they are littermates, because Athena has been friendly with humans for longer. Athena is certianly sillier, and makes one want to take care of her. Athena will join me under blankets and likes to sit on my shoulder.

So, if you ask me; no favorite, if you ask my spouse, I like Artemis better. Honestly, I'm more afraid of making Athena the favorite, but, hey, this isn't a reason to argue with my spouse!
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