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My cats have been hacking like they're having hairballs (and throwing them up) a bit more often lately so I'm looking into getting something to mix with their food.

Would you mix this with their food?


Is there any other product you'd recommend that has worked?
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That is interesting...
I wonder what chicken liver digest is???

Some members use organic wheat germ sprinkled on their kitties food.
I am thinking of trying that.
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I see lots of products for hair balls. I am wondering at what age this starts to be a problem. I have a longhaired, but only five months old and I brush him and remove much hair every morning so wonder if this in fact will ever be a problem. My simplistic reasoning as that if I remove all the hair every morning, how can there be any left to make hair balls out of? Oh well, guess it probably isn't that simple or nobody would have problems.
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I give Ginger a little Petromalt out of the tube once or twice a week, and that totally keeps the hairballs at bay.

If I don't give it to her, then I have to watch where I step!

I've just introduced it to Ferris, and he seems to really like the flavor, which is great, as he has long hair as well!
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Only one of my kitties has fur-ball problems - the Big Guy Dino - of course

Anyway I buy anti-hairball biscuits and that seems to do the trick for him

The are made by Affinity and the range it ultima, heres the web

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I buy hairball treats from the pet store (Pounce makes some) and they work really well. I know they're not very healthy though, so once they run out I will probably try something different.
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Yes, I bought treats before but I don't like getting them hooked on those - I'm looking for a more healthy approach. I do see a difference when using those, though.

Those biscuits sound cool, I'll look into those...and maybe I'll just get a tube of something when I go out (I've seen so many) - I was hoping there would be something to put in their food, but if it works I'll definitely try it.
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Medicinal liquid paraffin from the chemists. I have used it on cats for nearly 30 years and it seems to work fine. Some pet stores will do a veterinary equivalent.
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Brush the cat more often.

gizmo has thrown up one hairball to date, and I started brushing her more to keep the hair down.

Petromalt might work since it coats the hair in the cat's stomach so that it passes the hair in its stool. I see a lot of hair in Gizzy's stool...so her shedding is still a problem!

The Zoom Groom will get the loose hair and undercoat off most shorthair cats. The cat will also enjoy the process.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
Brush the cat more often.

gizmo has thrown up one hairball to date, and I started brushing her more to keep the hair down.
The cat we're having issues with has short hair, and he's brushed every night. Strangely, we have a medium-haired cat and she's NEVER had issues with hairballs (although she's brushed every night as well). I would think it'd be the other way around, though.
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