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New cat...old member [:

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Hey everyone..idk if you all remember me from a while back.

i finally got the chance to get a new kit

She was born July 21 and my friend had her since then..i just got her last nite and shes great!

Im tryin to train her to use the litter box...any suggestions?

And idk if its normal..but she doesnt drink anything..but she does eat.

Ill post pics later today
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well i have these cell phone pics...not the best...im gonna take sum digicam pics when i get the cam from my friend.

i also need a name...any suggestions?
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Hi there It's lovely that you got a new kitty.

Is she drinking anything yet? Was it just being in unfamiliar surroundings that put her off?

It might be an idea to drop into the Pregnant Cats and Kittens forum and get some advice from the knowledgeable members over there.
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hey! thanx.. i posted in the kittens section [i think] lol
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I´m so sorry for your loss...
RIP at the little one!

how about,

Just Suggestions my friend!....good luck!
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Hi welcome to TCS! Your new baby is adorable!
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Welcome back to TCS and congrats on your new little treasure Those mittens are sooooo cute - AmyRose has little mitts like hers and it makes her utterly irresistable - good thing that the boss is my hubby
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She is adorable, best of luck with her!!! would love to see more pics soon!!!
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Dear Furball:

Hi! I just joined two days ago, and I sure hope that your kitten is drinking by now. That is not normal at all for a kitten not to drink! HOPE all is well by now.
Sure sorry to see your sad news about Agent Orange -- what on earth happened???
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