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I think I found a tooth!

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Today I saw Maui either eat something off the floor or he was spitting something out- I'm not sure.

When I grabbed it, it took me a minute to figure out what it was but I'm still not sure I'm right!

It's not like a front tooth or anything- maybe a molar? It kind of reminds me of a mountain range if you sit it on the table I tried to look in his mouth but couldn't see where there were teeth missing- unless they aren't supposed to be missing on both sides.

Are their molars kind of jagged and/or look like it could be 3 or 4 teeth with a bigger/pointier one in the middle?

I tried to take a pic but my camera wouldn't focus on it because it's so small and I can't get enough light!
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Yup, sounds like a baby tooth! Some of the teeth they lose will look like 3 mountains, with a bigger one in the middle. They are also very jagged. I have 3 of Trixters little teeth saved in a little jar from 9 or so years ago when he lost them! We are not always lucky enough to find them!
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Sounds to me like a tooth aswell! I never actually saw any of my babies teeth. Sleeves was once chewing on my OH's Sleeve and there was some blood afterwards, thats the only indication we ever got that anybody was getting their big teeth.
Could you wait until Maui was really sleepy and have a little look inside his mouth?
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I did try looking right after I found it but couldn't really tell where anything was missing.

I'm gonna try again tonight when I get home. I need to find a diagram of their teeth online or something so I can compare!
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