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Bad news at lunchtime

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I heard the phone ringing about 12:30 so I ran in and answered it-it was an automated call from the fraud dept of out CC company.
I was connected to a CSR how said they had unusual transaction of a $2300 plus purchase at an electronic chain store in a major east coast city!!!
Well that wasn't us!!!! So they cancelled the card and we are waiting for replacements. I have used it a few times this week so I contacted those places to inform them.
The good thing is the CC company called 50 minutes after the transaction-but what other info do they have!!! I guess I'm putting a fraud alert on the credit bureau's (again!!)
What a loser using our info!!!!
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That was some very fast work by your CC company!
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How horrible gail!
How did that person get your card info??
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Oh that's a shame Gail..............people like that need to be
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Are you sure that it was your credit card company calling?

There are scams out there where they impersonate a CC company to get your information. Sometimes places call and just say they need to verify your shipping address (or something like that) and just by you verifying you are authorizing a charge on your card or signing up for something you don't even know about!

I can't believe what people get away with these days!

If you are sure it was your CC company then that's great they caught it so fast! Do you know what the person(s) bought?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Oh that's a shame Gail..............people like that need to be

At least though.....your credit card company caught it quickly.

It's horrible...why can't people just be law abiding, nice and considerate to everyone....always has to be someone who wants to use, abuse or hurt someone in some way.
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I called the CC company back to expediate getting new CC's!! They called May of 2005 as our CC # was in a hacked database and canceled that one too.
Its a state bank not a national one. I put fraud alerts on credit reports too.
They are sending along some paperwork to be notarized and our statement to date to check for more unauthorized charges (hopefully none!!) I'll know in a week or so.
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my boyfriend has had that happen to him a few times but it wasnt his cc but his checking account. We have been waiting since July for $300 dollars to be returned to an account.
I hate evil people like that!
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How horrible! And how wonderful that your CC company caught it quickly before other charges were racked up!
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I'm soo sorry sweetie! I know how scarry it is to have your personal information stolen - you feel totally helpless and violated. My prayers are with you! (((vibes!)))
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I had a visa checkcard thru our bank and went to get money out. The ATM said it was an unauthorized transaction!!! I called the bank and was told that Visa notified them that MY card number and a lot of others had been compromised!!! So they cancelled everyone's card and sent us new mastercard checkcards. I appriciated that they did this but I still had to borrow $5 from a friend to buy lunch that day. I monitored my acct but never saw any fraudulent charges. It was scary!
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