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I am posting this on behalf of my friend, who had to put down his beloved dog Penny today.
Penny would have been 16 years old, in 2 days time, but sadly today was the day she was ready to go to the rainbow bridge so she said her goodbyes to her family and now she is at peace.

Rest in Peace Penny, you will be missed by everyone who knows you, now you can play like a puppy again

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Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge sweet Penny

Know that you will one day meet your loving family once again!

RIP Penny
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Rest in peace, Penny!
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Rest in peace Penny.
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What a wonderful, long life Play happily at the bridge Penny!
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RIP Penny ...
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RIP Penny....she was beautiful.
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Rest in Peace, Penny
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Condolences to your friend and you on the loss of Penny. No time is ever enough time when you spend it with a good, loyal friend, no matter how many years. Penny joins a wonderful group of dogs over RB, and we know that our TCS kitties over there will be well guarded. RIP, Penny.
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Isn't she sweet! Have fun over the bridge Penny, but be nice to the kitties!

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Rest in Peace sweet one.Though your time here on Earth is over, we know you are just waiting for your loved ones to come and play with you at Rainbow Bridge.
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Oh look at that sweet face, he was really lucky to have her that long I just wish they could live longer, but sadly it could never be long enough. Please tell your friend that we feel his pain and I hope he will find comfort in her memories some day soon.
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Penny....a grand lady.
RIP sweet darling.
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