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How Many?

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Is it best to have one kitten or two? Do they enjoy being on their own more or would they prefer another to play with?
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If you work and no one is home all day, its better to get 2 kittens to keep each other company.
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Kittens do best with a fellow kitten around for a bit of rough and tumble, unless you've other young cats around who can do the honours!
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I have only one and so far plan on having only one -- he is 6 mos old. I am a stay at home mom though so he gets a lot of attention from me and my kids. If I were gone all day I would consider another cat.
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I have 3 cats, and trying to adopt one more.

My cats are home while I'm at work,, so they dont' get attention till we get home at night and weekends. They all love each other.

When Angel was the only cat,, she always acted soo sad, and wasn't playful at all... But now that we have Chestnut and Kella, she's alot more playful and acts happier.

There are pros and cons,, the con is the dirtier litter box,, but we have two now to fix that, and my girls ocassionally usually once a week get into a chase inthe middle of the night,, they chase each other, and once we tell them no,, they stop!!

But the more the merrier.. If you get another cat, or kitten get them from a shelter.. There are so many that need homes,, versus buying ones from the store!!!! And I think older cats do better then kittens (less work and you already know there temperment right away,, plus they reallly need the homes)!!!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's no way my boyfriend and I could keep up with Spike's rambunctious behaviour if it weren't for his brother Oz keeping him company during the day. And Spike's not even a kitten now! Also, there are a lot of shelters that only adopt kittens in pairs, because it's just generally better for them. (Not to mention that gives two cats a much-needed home instead of just one.) If you can afford two (and I don't notice much of a price difference except when it comes time for vaccinations and such) and have room in your heart for two, get two kittens.
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I wish I'd got Radar's brother or sister as well! He's so energetic and I think he (and we) would have appreciated a playmate. But at the time I was thinking 'vaccination costs x2, neutering cost x2, food cost x2' etc. which was of course a major consideration as we are not that well off financially
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Before you get another kitty, make sure you know how to do slow introductions, that way you minimize any harm to your first cat and second cat, and any harm to you if you have to break up a cat fight. Make sure YOU want the kitty, too, because as with one kitty, there is an added vet bill, litter box, food, etc. But, if you're able to do all of that, it will be great. I know my Sunny LUVS her sibling and "cousin". Hey, the "cousin" is my MOM's cat.
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We just got a kitten about 6 weeks ago. My two kitties get along great, and have so much fun together. I would definetly suggest two cats.
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I would have 2 cats. Just like everyone is saying, 2 isn't much more in terms of food, litter, toys, etc, just the vet bills. But the joy that they bring into each other lives is great!
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i had to make the very same decision toon. i decided on getting two cats. i hear that if you have only one cat it can get lonely and overgroom itself. this leads to bald spots on the skin. cats also get lonely in the middle of the night, because they're nocternal. and i can only imagine what it would be like to be taken from earth, adopted by aliens, and put in another planet without even ONE other human with me. i know cats CAN be satisfied alone but i think they do better with a friend, especially if from the same litter.

i got two cats, both of the same litter, then went back for the third two days later -dreamer. i'm so glad the brothers and sisters can be together. the play at night when i'm asleep and i feel confident i could leave them for a few days by themselves and they'd be okay as long as they had food and water.

so 2 or more. thats my choice.
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