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The vet said Keiko needs to be PTS after another emergency visit today... - Page 2

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Keep your chin up sweetie
You too!!! Give him extra lovins and tell him how you feel about him.How he has changed your life and how much you love him.
Hang in there and may you find the peace that you deserve!
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and plenty of support vibes for you and the fur babies. I have been checking in to the thread in the hope that I would see that all is well but I guess that is not to be this time.

Don't second guess yourself - you have done everything (and a bit more) to save Keiko but it is just not to be. He will be happy at the Rainbow Bridge soon, able to run around and do all the kitten things he deserves and no longer in pain.

Keiko will never forget you and will remember you as a wonderful human.

I hope that the creatures that hurt the kitties get caught and that they get punished enought to never hurt another living person. They are not human.

Hugs again to you and a cuddle to Keiko's sister.
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Oh gosh the poor little guy. Is there any chance they could do a spinal block and some steriods to calm all the pain and inflammation down? Especially since it's just the pain that's a problem. I really hate to hold out false hope, but it was just a thought...
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Really really sorry to hear all of this. This is so sad. Wish the best.
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that is all i can think to say or add.
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I have replied on your other thread, but wanted to reply on this as well. Thanks to your love, care and devotion, one of this bunch will survive, and that is excellent with their history, so you really have done a good job, and please dont think otherwise. I can understand you second guessing yourself, but it really sounds like you have made sure you have got enough advice to make sure this is the best thing for him - and also done more than some people would have done for him. So again, big hugs and I will be thinking of you.
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You and Keiko are in my prayers.
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Still in my heart and prayers...........
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I posted this in the Health & Nutrition thread...but I also wanted to update everyone on this thread as well as to what is going on today.

Thankyou once again everyone. I really appreciate your words of comfort & vibes today. I just got finished feeding Kenzie & Keiko a minute ago. When I went to get Keiko out of his carrier, he was flopped over on his back and he had had an upset stomach and gotten sick all over his fur. I cleaned him up and fed him a bit. He is just soo pitiful. What makes it worse is that he's alert - but in pain...it's like a contridiction. I'm really sad about this. I have a dentist appointment today around 1:00. After that, I plan to come home and get him. When we get to the appointment- the vet is going to look at him one last time and make sure that we've exhauseted every means before he will be pts. Hopefully, he will not have to be, but realistically....i know he's in pain. This is gonna be a really hard thing to do- but i am soo greatful that I have everyone's vibes and love today! I really appreciate that, as does little Keiko. If he does wind up having to be pts....this will be the third foster i've lost in a month- that's a really hard blow to handle. When Kenzie & Keiko were found- they had a little brother with them- and he passed on only a few hours after I had him at my house- he was so sick and badly beathen from those boys . Lex passed on a little over a week ago....and now Keiko might...so this is tough- but I'm resting in the comfort though that even though they didn't live long- while I had them I was able to provide them with vet care, a loving home, warm bed, and food in their tummies....that kind of helps. I'm very greatful though that Kenzie is doing soo well- she's keeping my spirits up- Last night, She managed to escape from her playpen in the dining room...and my little Isabella went over to her, held her down and started grooming and kissing her- it was soo sweet- seems like Isabella has adopted her a kitten lol. / I'm so greatful if even one makes it- I just hope Keiko can also- but I also realize he's in pain and he doesn't deserve to suffer like that. Thankyou once again everyone. I'll update throughout the day. Please keep me in your prayers if you don't mind. I don't think I will be going back there with Keiko if they do have to have him pts. That is way too hard....I would rather have my last memory of him be of him when he was alive and in my arms eating his lunch. My friend at the shelter, Heather, has offered to hold him in his last minutes if need be- I just can't bring myself to watch yet another foster kitten die.
Thankyou again everyone
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Oh this is so sad, I really feel for what you are going through. But he has love and care and you are doing the best thing for him, as a good foster mother has to. I am so sorry.
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Starry, my heart breaks for you. Little Keiko is definately in my prayers! You have shown those little kittens the love they deserve. God bless you!

As for those boys... I'm so sick about it...How could they? If anyone here on TCS hasn't considered joining and origanization to help stop animal abuse, please consider doing so now. www.animal-justice.org
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Oh, my heart breaks for you and your babies Thanks for the updates, I've been following along closely. You are in my prayers and thoughts today. I totally understand about not be present with the pts, I couldn't do it either when my 2 babies were pts within the last 2 months. I just want to remember them as happy kitties. for you today.
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OMG! After all poor little Keiko has been through, to have nothing work, it must be terrible! Take comfort in the fact that he at least had someone to care for him, someone who did everything possible for him, rather than dying after being beaten with his brother & sister. If nothing more can be done for Keiko, know that at least he died loved, & that you were able to save his sister.

When fostering kittens, our shelter reminds the foster homes that there is a great chance that they may not make it. You must be strong enough to make a difficult decision.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Right now I feel like the worst foster mom ever....
I haven't read everyone else's posts, but can really identify with this feeling. I lost Garfield's brother Odie to distemper, and within months took in Sugartoes, and lost 3 of her 5 kittens. It was almost too much to bear, and left scars. Yet the blessings of fostering outweigh the pain.

You are a wonderful foster Mom, and your rescue is great to have so much medical support for you and your fosters. What these babies need is loving care. You provide that, and much more than most people would be able to!

Since losing the four kittens, I have not lost a single cat or kitten! Keep fostering...keep loving...keep being the person who is willing to take one more litter. I pray that you will have many many more healthy kittens who go on to happy forever homes.
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Thankyou everyone for your sweet words and support! Well I wanted to update everyone about this afternoon. While it wasn't the outcome I had hoped for, it was a peacefull one. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...actually, it wasn't bad at all-it was serene and sweet in a way. I took Keiko to the Bartlett Animal Shelter and had the vet examine him one last time and I asked if there was anything else we could do- sadly, there wasn't and he was in soo much pain that the decision was made to euthanize him. One of my good friends, Mariam (Mariam is a dude ) was the one to administer the medicine...he was so sweet the entire time and was really gentle with Keiko. I was soo glad he was there because I knew how much he cared for those animals and that he would be really gentle to Keiko. I changed my mind about being in the room and I did wind up holding him.I held Keiko the whole time and I'm soo glad that I changed my mind and decided to do so. It was the right thing for me to do.We gave him medicine to make him sleepy first and once he fell asleep, Mariam gave him the euthanizia medicine. Keiko took his last breath in my arms and it was just really peaceful. Once it was all over with...I was talking to Mariam and told him- that was not bad at all- it was really peaceful, and I was much happier knowing I had made the right decision and he could go in peace....and never have to endure another series of seizures or use the bathroom on himself or cry out in pain when trying to walk. It was sad- but in a good way- Keiko will never be in pain again and he is now playing at the rainbow bridge and happy. I'm happy for the little angel. He didn't have a long life- but while he was here with us, he was loved and cared for very much. I am happy knowing that. Thankyou everyone for all of your kind words and support- I really appreciate it! I do have a bit of good news- While I was at the shelter- 5 dogs got homes!!! Even though I wasn't able to save little Keiko...at least some other animals were blessed with new animals and good outcomes today. Thankyou once again everyone- ya'll have been soo much help during this rocky time for me. I really appreciate that! I know now that I made the right decision and I'm at peace with that and happy for little Keiko- he will never suffer any more! And he can play over the RB now....that means a lot! Thankyou again everyone!
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Nikki, I just wanted to send you a big hug! You are an angel and Keiko is running around RB pain free because of your brave/strong heart! Remember that!
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Nikki, I've been thinking of both of you all day. I'm very sorry for your heartfelt loss, but like someone said earlier in this thread - Keiko's pain is finished, but yours keeps going. I'm glad you are at peace with the decision, and I'm really glad you were able to hold him while it was done. His last moments were surrounded by such love, and he will never forget you.

Out of the deep respect for your loss and for Keiko, I'll move this thread to Crossing the Bridge.

Rest in Peace, baby Keiko. And help your foster Meowmy (now your forever Meowmy) care for your sister, and the other babies who come into her care.
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Oh Nikki you are an angel .... RIP Keiko
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Bless you and sweet baby Keiko.
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I'm glad you were able to comfort Keiko in his last moments. He knows his meowmy loves him! play freely and run freely Keiko on the rainbow bridge
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I, too, have been thinking of the two of you. I'm glad you stayed with him, because I did with the Smudge in my Avatar, and I know that peaceful feeling, and was hoping you would feel it too. Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge with Smudgie and all our other babies, Keiko.
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Oh I wish I were there to just give you a hug right now. I just wish the right thing to do would be easier sometimes.

Play happy now little one. Say hi to my babies for me please. I'm sure they'll show you some good sun spots to nap in.
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Oh Nikki, I am so sorry . But you did the best thing for him, and gave him the best chance he could have gotten. I will be praying for you to have peace in your heart tonight, and a good night's rest.
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I'm so sorry to hear about poor Keiko. I'm only new to fostering and haven't lost one yet and can only imagine how heartbreaking it would be. I'm stressing about the baby I have now, and you feel so much responsibility fostering - like you're their only hope, and they're often not in the best state when you receive them, which is why they need help.

I'm glad you were able to give them the best chance possible, and it's wonderful that at least one is flourishing due to your care.

*hugs* from another foster mum.
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Keiko. I am sorry that your short life was so troubled, but give your foster meowmmy a good report when our Creator greets you and welcomes you home. Susan
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i am so very sorry to hear this, but I am glad you were with him, and could see how peaceful it was, and that it helped you realise you were doing the right thing. He is now free from pain and suffering, and him and LEx will be sharing stories of the lovely mum that looked after them. RIP little one.
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RIP little one.........
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Keiko where you are now there will be no more pain and suffering, only lots of playing chase with all the other kittens that are there.

Have a fun time over the bridge you sweet baby and know that you were loved here on earth

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Nikki, I'm so very sorry you lost sweet little Keiko. I hope you can find comfort in knowing you did what was best for him and that because of you he knew he was loved. RIP precious one.
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