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Please contact this person via her email information...I had stated that I would crosspost this for her:

I've attached pictures of both kitties that need homes. Both cats are altered and in good health. They are primarily indoor cats (have been for nearly three years), but both still have their claws.

Rufus is the yellow/red tabby...he's about 12.5 years old...incredibly people-oriented kitty. In fact, I think if he didn't have a lap to cuddle up in or next to or even a pair of hands to rub or massage him every day, then he would just crawl up in the corner. He's such a loving and easy going kitty...always has been. He's been in our family since he was 7 mos. old when I found him on the side of the road. He's quite a talker, too. He loves having conversations with you and is a great hugger, too.

Emma is the pretty multi-colored kitty, age 5. I found her on the side of the road as well when she was 6 mos. old (according to the doctor who examined her). I coaxed her to my car with vanilla wafers..the only thing I had in order to get her. She was so tiny and looked so lost with the most beautiful huge eyes that yelled out, "Please give me a good home and love me 'cause I'm lovable!" Emma doesn't like to be held so much, but adores her tummy, face, head, and chin be rubbed as much as your hands can stand. Emma (or Miss Emma Kitty Girl as I love to call her) is a soft-spoken and lovable kitty. And if that isn't enough, when she lies on the floor, chances are pretty good that her front paws are always crossed, lending her to a look of sophistication.

If you can help in posting these two kitties any and everywhere you can think of, please do so. My contact information is (h) 703.771.1637; (c) 703.901.2541; or my email (

Thank you so much in advance for your help. Here's saying a prayer for a good home (or two) for my babies.

deb mannarano