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Kitten Updates

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Well, the kittens will be six weeks old on Saturday, or a month and a half. We actually have some that are trying to food. Some of the kittens are being very lazy lol, and not trying to half eat anything, but for the most part they are all trying. They are all running and jumping and playing. All of them are very excited about their new worlds. It is time for toys of course, because now they are seriously needing something beside my cords, and strings from our pants lol.

I will post some pictures soon. They all have the cutest masks on their little faces. We have come to find out that we have TWO girls and THREE boys. That is what we believe at this time. PEACE, AND HOPE are our girls. MAX, DAVID, and JUDAH are the boys. They all have stripes on their little legs. They are so cute. I will def. get those pics deveolped soon. I haven't had the film of pictures I took from when they were three weeks old. They are fighting a lot and biting alot, and BOY THOSE CLAWS! WHEW! They are all healthy and happy. However, it is almost time for some shots I'm sure so I'm getting ready to make all of them appointments to the doctor. Including MaxSheba for her spaying now.

So that's it .I just wanted to update everyone on the welfare of Max's kittens.
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Great update....yup...6 weeks is good time to set them up for their dewormer and first shot. Let us know how it goes with MaxSheba's spay. can start trimming these kittens nails. I actually find it acclimates them better into their new homes if they already can handle their nails being trimmed.

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