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My approx 6 mo old male kitten...

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Well we have had alot of probs with him since we got him. Well we got him at 5 weeks old, his mom had abandoned him in a attic of a house... And we took him in,and he was eating, and everything on his own.. but we noticed him having a potty problem, he would pee and poo in OUR Bed when we were sleeping*we kept him in there with us while he was small* well then we stoped letting him on the bed, and he was peeing and pooin arounf the room.. well we put aluminum down around the room, in the areas he was doing this.. And he still wasnt doing well.. So we had to buy one of those Cat play pen things.. And put him in there.. the vet said it must be a mental thing, and to redirect the behaviour .. and lock him up for roughly 2 weeks where he is only able to get to the litter pan.. and we did that.. for 3 weeks.. And now he is perfect about it.. NO PROBS.. thank goodness. BUT he is VICOUS Sometimes.. Like one time he got out the doggy door *Which now we keep closed when he is out we dont want another indoor/outdoor cat* But he got out, and I found him outside the fence, And how he got there i am not sure, But he did, and then he FREAKED OUT.. and started Ramming himself into the fence to get back in the yard, and i Went to get him,and He Freaked on me, Biteing and CLawing like crazy, All I could do was scruff him with one hand and hold his feet with the other to get him to stop... Long enough for me to get him back in his Pen... :-/ Well he randomly does this.. Without going outside.. Ill pick him up,and he will freak out.. Last time he did it, it bite me sooo Hard I had a Quarter size bruise from him biting me.. After that I bout HAD IT! Well I forgot earlier, when he was having his potty probs.. we had him neutered before locking him up, he wasnt 3 mo old at this point.. I wanted to out way Spraying.. Soo he isnt intact. I Cut his Nails ever 2 weeks when we bathe him.. But why is he bitting me? And acting like a total weirdo? We have 2 other cats *Both fixed* that are indoor/outdoor cats... and they are my moms.. But one the female HATES other animals,and Other people other then my mom.. So all the animals in the house has learned to just leave her alone... the other cat thinks he is a dog.. ANd Loves the other dogs, But leaves the female kitty alone.. WELLL... When our Kitten "Trouble" comes out of the room, he acts like a holy terror. He WONT leave them alone, and he has been swatted, Hissed at.. And NOTHING, he will go and sit right in front of the female, like he is waiting to be swatted.. Can Cats Enjoy pain? hahaha.. Well Anyways.. Sorry for this long post.. But How can I get him to stop acting like a tard? And Be social and Understand the other kittys limits?I would like to let him out in the house at some point in his life! He LOVES to play with the dogs.. Just the cats he is being a pain with.. and me.. :-/ *Grumble*

Well any help would be appreciated! Thanks Bunches!
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Oh boy, I don't know what to tell you. Sounds like your house is jsut crazy heh. Um first off buy some Feliway plug ins. And put them all over your house. Look at how much ground they cover and buy enough accordingly. That is my first suggestion. It comes in a spray too and I would pick up one of them as well.

Maybe if problems still continue, contact a behaviorist?

Good luck.
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When you go to pick him up outside, he freaks because he doesn't 'recognize' you (by smell, or at least location) and thinks you're a stranger... this is not abnormal, and he'd be the same way to the other animals if he saw them out there unexpectedly, plus indoor cats will often see some cat or dog on the lawn thru the window and turn around and attack you (or another cat). He's still very young, and obviously has some adjustment issues with all of you to work out, but try the Feliway and try to keep his daily routine as consistent as possible, and maybe you might even have to confine him not to a crate (will only make him crazier at this point) but to some other room (with a box, water and toys) for a couple of mos. until he's settled down, then re-introduce him to the others using some of the techniques at the top of the page of this forum. It sounds like a hassle, but then you've already got that now anyway.
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No he isnt in the Cage anymore, he is in what I call the Cat room.. HAHA It has the cat play pen in it, with Now the foster momma cat her kittens*Covered of course* And a Cat Carpet scratch tower things, with 4 toys attached.. I Have Fuzy mice,Cat nip, and balls everywhere! And when we was outside.. He was ramming himself into the Fence before I picked him up, But I was scared he was going to hurt him self, that Is why I picked him Up, But yes that makes sense.. He is a Tard, and has issues, we are tring to work through. I tell my mom to leave him in there sometimes*in the room* when he is acting like a tard, But she says his Meow is soo sad.. and lets him out.. *Grr* soo I am tring to put him in there when he is acting bad for the day to let him chill out, then he comes out in the house the day after, Is that ok? Or Should I Just leave him in there for a while..?? *Thanks in advance for this help,I have had cats a long time,But never these problems*
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What do you mean by a "tard"???
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ya whats a "tard"?
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Ummm, lessee if I can 'splain this without being offensive ...

Used correctly, an antibiotic medication will RETARD the growth of the bacteria it was designed to fight.

OK, does that sum it up for y'all?

Used in the way the OP has chosen to use it here, this word is probably not appropriate for our Forums. Just a heads up.
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