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Baby Teeth

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How old are kittens/cats when they start to lose their baby teeth?

The last cat we had that lost baby teeth went through that phase when I was under 10 years old so I don't remember!
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Gosh, I don't remember.

I adopted Abby when she was 4 months old and I didn't notice that she lost any teeth, so I imagine it was before then.

I've only had one really small kitten and I do remember being totally freaked out by seeing a tooth in the carpet. I had no idea at that time that kittens like kids, lose their baby teeth. But it was so long ago that I don't remember how old she was. I just know she was still quite small.
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I think they lose their baby teeth by about 6 months. I remember finding 2 of Mosi's lying around one day when he was 6 months (they were so cute and tiny I kept them!). I think they were the last ones to go.
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The canines are the only ones ost people notice- all three of my boys lost their baby canines within one week of turning six months old.
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They can lose their baby teeth from 4-7 months of age.
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