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breeding question

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I bred an experienced queen on August 21-22nd, they mated a total of 6 times, each one ending in a fierce yell and rolling. We did try to mate them again on the 23rd, but queen was unreceptive and no longer having heat symptoms. Yesterday, the 25th, she began calling again, and showing full blown heat cycles, it has continued today. I don't feel comfortable breeding again, as not to risk superfetation, but curious if anyone else has seen this before.
I want to mention I have 2 other queens in heat right now, could their heat symptoms be affecting her, and breeding still have been successful.
Thank you for any insight.
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Its possible that the others that are in heat are affecting her. You won't know for sure if she took till about 21 days. I'd not worry about the false heat right now. If they mated 6 times and completed it, she is pregnant.

Let us know what happens.
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Thank you so much, Goldenkitty!! I am looking very forward to this breeding, it is the first time pairing these 2, and I can't wait to see what they produce. We will have True bicolors and mitteds, and I am hoping for a beautiful show quality mitted female. Now, to keep my fingers crossed the white spotting gene, puts the white in the right spot. I appreciate your response, I will let you know when pinking time comes.
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Hi Goldenkitty,

I wanted to update you, that our girl is confirmed pregnant. Thank you very much for your advice.
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When is the due date now?
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It was interesting and something new for me to see her go in what appeared to be full heat cycle, after a successful breeding. She is due around October 25th, she usually goes one or two days over the average 65 day gestation, so I am assuming the 26th or 27th. My father's birthday is the 27th, so that would be a special day to see the babies born.
I am so excited, this is the first time breeding this pair, and I believe they will compliment each other very well. My fingers are crossed that we get something to bring out to the shows.
Thanks again!!
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