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Jaws 2 was on...

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Jaws 2 was on tv today...
wanna know something pretty interesting.....

"Just because you can't see any ears on a shark doesn't mean it can't hear. In fact, a shark can hear sounds up to 0.6 miles away -- about the length of ten football fields. Sharks are particularly sensitive to the irregular, low-frequency sounds made by a sick or wounded fish, and prey in this state is an easy target."-NOVA online

hunh...kinda scary
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and THAT'S why I don't go to the beach!
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Sharks are beautiful and fascinating animals. I scuba dive and have been near sharks. I think they do not deserve such bad reputation
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That is interesting. I guess it makes sense, that sharks can hear.

Am I the only one whose favorite Jaws movie was the third one? I love that scene where they are under water in that tube walk-way, and the scene in the restaurant.
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Thats really interesting!

I love the Jaws movies - me & my dad used to watch them together all the time! My mom would freak out, and not watch them

I think they are so facinating - but, I would never go near one
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I loved watching the Jaws movies. I also loved Deep Blue Sea.
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I've never seen sharks the movie.
I would hate to be bit by one.
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