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Hi guys! I'm back

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I'm so so so so sorry. I never been here so long. Im soo miss u all ! I think i can tell you about it.
We (me and my hb) have problems with my previous cat Darius, but i dont know how translate it on english.
Im asking many times my husband translate some story about my cat.
Now he said: I'll help you in this weekend. Ok i'll waiting.
(but i know, he dont want talking about it )

Darius are good, but he live not with me now.
He love his new mommy.
And happy in new home.
He live us in april 2005.

To all: i love my Darius u know!
But i know also he feels better in new home with new mommy.

Sorry for all, Darius. Please no angry on me anymore
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it is sad when a cat we like does not seem to like us back. I am glad he has found a home he can be happy in thou.

These folks here are always good for a shoulder to cry on so to speak. Try not to stay away so long ok.
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I haven't ever talked to you before(im new here), but I know how upset you might be feeling right now.

Just be happy for Darius, I bet he would like that!
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Thank you very much!!!

yes i''m very happy for him!!

I thinking about that many times...
He not love me, dunno why
He was so aggressively on me (he was no castrate)
Maybe this was not my cat?
But it beautiful plush boy and i really happy for him.
Becouse he feels good and love his new mommy (he neuter now)
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I'm sorry to hear that Darius is not with you anymore, but I'm sure he's very happy in his new home!

Will you be getting a more compatible cat?
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Aww Sar, thank you, dear
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