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How do I fix scratched leather??

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We have a really nice dining table with beige coloured leather chairs and the kitty's have been playing around them too much and now we have a couple of BIG scratches and a bunch of little scratches on the leather chairs.

We clip their claws, and the Soft Paws should be here any day now, but I need to try and fix the leather still!

I got told to use a nail file to gently get rid of the "loose" bits of leather sticking up, and just use a leather conditioner. It looks a little better after a light filing, but does anyone have any other ideas?
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You should be able to get a mending kit to fix it! I know there are kits out there that do invisible mending jobs on leather and other types of fabrics! Definitely worth a try!
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here you go - a link to a leather repair kit!

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This is what my lovely babies did to my leather sectional, using it as a scratching post. We bought an extended warranty to replace the whole sofa with any damage in a 7 year period, but we didnt want to replace it until I knew I could get them to stop. A service guy came out and looked at it. All he did was put some matching colored pen over the area. Which as you can see, didnt help. But I know I have seen those commercials somewhere where they actually patch it to look new again. But I wouldnt know where to find it .......(BTW placing the cat statue there eliminated the scratching)

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You could try some saddle soap followed by a little neets foot oil,if the scratches aren't too deep.It may not get rid of them,but it will disguise the scratches.
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