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Is your cat

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A vocal cat. My cat is a very vocal cat. She meows when she's hungry, when she wants to be loved on. And even when she thinks I am going to bed she will meow for me to stop and see her for a bit. And if I am in the bathroom she will sit on the shelf and meow at me.
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Carly talks when we go to the kitchen, when she is running up the stairs, when she is running down the stairs, when she is playing, when we come home. Sometimes she just sits somewhere and talks (and then looks at us funny when we check up on her).
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Tavia does the whole sitting and talking too and then looks at us funny when we check on her.
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Scotty is a back-talker (teenagers, ha!) and Oscar usually just makes a whining sound in the back of his throat, unless he's been running around and has forgotten where he is. That's when he sounds really pathetic.
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Ari does most of his talking to the birds outside. Topaz just says feed me and pet me.

Our RB kitty Io often argued with herself.
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yes, LGirl talks all the time, when the alarm goes off "meow, meow" then into the bathroom, "meow, meow", then into the kitchen "meow meow", and we always ask her "what's the matter?" "meow" she says, "are you hungry?" "mrrrow" she says, "do you want your chow-chow?" we ask her, "mrrrrraaaaaaaw" she says. And all through the day if you ask her a ? she will answer you, and sometimes she'll just meow cause she wants your attention and you were paying attention to someone else.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
Tavia does the whole sitting and talking too and then looks at us funny when we check on her.
I wonder if they are talking to someone in another dimension...
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Scuffy is, not Sam. Scuffy meows when he wants out, when he is hungry, wants attention, wanted to open the door for him. I really love it when you say "hi" to him and he will meows back or when he enters the house he will meow, just to say hi.
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Duke is very vocal meowing at me for food, water, head scratches etc. Sibohan dosn't really meow at me she more meows at the celing or the birds outside.
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It's funny: back at the house where we used to live, neither of our cats talked very much, although there was a mouthy little calico living there (she still lives there and is still very mouthy ). Now that my boyfriend and I have our own place, it's like our cats need to fill in the void left by the calico and have become the most incredible chatterboxes! Spike is the more vocal of the two; sometimes I think he meows just to hear the sound of his own voice. He meows a greeting to us when we come home from work, he meows when he's hungry, he meows when he's bored and lonely, he meows when he wants something and he meows when he doesn't know what he wants. He also tends to forget where he left us (he'll leave the room and forget which room we were in) and then cries until we call him back. Oz is quieter, but his meows and cries are more plaintive sounding -- almost mournful -- and he typically doesn't start until Spike has been talking for a while.

If we stopped talking back to them they'd probably stop being so noisy, but at this point it's almost second nature to reply when one of our cats starts talking. And both my boyfriend and I talk to the cats (in English) all the time, so it's no wonder they talk back!
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Vocal would be an understatement for Bit. He meows so much that I'm able to block it out now. Recently I had a friend over for the first time, she asked if there was something wrong with my cat. Nope he just talks all the time.
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- Loki is a pure Yenta!! Funny thing is that am at the point where when he is quiet for a little while I wonder if something is wrong!
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Tab is an extremely vocal cat.
If you go down in the morning to let her outside, she will meow at you, and if you keep saying hello, she meows back! It's kind of like:
"hello" "meow" "hello" "meow" only about 60 times!!
She also meows when she's hungry, and if you go to stroke her when she isn't looking, she'll meow at you then as if to say "hey get off me I'm trying to nap!"
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Davidson is a very vocal little guy - always talking

Harley... not so much, he's a pretty quiet one
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Katie, Pete and Claire are generally pretty quiet, but Gracie more than makes up for them! She's extremely vocal about her likes and dislikes, when she's hungry, when she wants attention, etc... Sometimes I even feel like she's bossing me around!
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Bella is a squeaker never cries out kind of opens her mouth and not much comes out and whenever I touch her she says hmpf..kind of what it sounds like. The one and only time Bella has ever cried out was the night my first husband died. We were all staying at my mothers and Bella went into her kitchen and cried the most awful heart wrenching cry actually several was really weird but she knew something was wrong! My sister was freaking out she thought it was her baby!Bella has never cried out since then.

Sophia never shuts up when she wants outside in her kittywalk!

Sev talks when you are playing with him or he wants to eat but it's kind of like mrrrp sound

Joey talks non stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My new addition Jinx never shuts up! and she is LOUD!!! I always tell her i have no idea what she's talking about Pandora is also a talker, but she seems to be talking to me unlike Jinx who talks just to hear herself Antigone sqeaks, which is very cute, Demeter has this very raspy sounding meow, Ismene only talks once in awhile, I don't think I have ever heard a noise come out of Zeus's mouth Sapphire just chirps and trills, mostly when I'm petting her, I've never heard Medusa either, but boy can she purr! The little babies I have, Eros and Nike, both are middle of the road meowers, but Eros sure will let the other kitties know when he's done playing, he squeals like they're killing him!
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Miagi is more vocal than Tiger, hehe.
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Quill is generally quiet, but he loves talking to his mousie! He'll carry it in his mouth and all you'll hear is a contented burble as he carries his mouse upstairs. He has a really soft, trilling meow and his purr is very hard to hear, but once you cuddle up to him he'll revv it up a few notches. He also likes to talk back, but only if we're upstairs and he's lost sight of us, but then I'll call him and he'll be upstairs in a flash.
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Wick is a noisy cat she talks and talks, especially when I've just gotten home, or she's hungry, or she sees something interesting, or she wants petting, or she doesn't want petting...
but the cutest is her silent meows. I just melt.
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Shadow is whiney, usually when he wants out on the patio.
Trouble will have epic conversations with me about everything under the sun.
Vash only answers, usually with a "brrrt!"
Spaz only talks when she simply must have whatever it is I'm trying to cook.
Cassi mews and trills and sings when you touch her, or she thinks you're about to touch her.
Ivory barks "Mrrrf!" at me, but only on those rare occasions she wants a lap.
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Sash is very vocal, sometimes we'll chat back and forth, it's so cute. Sash is the loudest though when he's demanding food from my bf Will, it sometimes sounds like he's screaming. I love it!!
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Any time I look at Maui and he sees me do it he starts to meow. If he's just around the house he generally doesn't talk.

He has these little teeny tiny sounding meows and half the time no sound comes out! It's cute but I still haven't quite figured out his pattern and what cry means what...
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Phenom isn't what you would call chatty. But she does chirp a lot. Phantom on the other hand does these sort of slent meows. They have little squeaks of noise when she opens her mouth wide to meow.
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Zebra only ever shuts up if she is sleeping. She meows because she wants food, she wants to play, she wants to come into bed with me, when I get home from work, when I'm leaving for work. It has only been since she got spayed a month ago. My boyfriend has conversations with her. She meows and then he makes a meowing sound back at her and then she does it back, etc. Milo only meows if he wants food.
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