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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
A little extra love for Magnum today, Hope?
He is just the most beautiful boy. His fur, his markings, everything about him. Just be careful I don't come up to Toronto again. I'd love to bring that beautiful boy home with me. He's a real heartbreaker. And YES, I could give him a lot more extra love for Magnum.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Awww the girls will be so chuffed It helps that I take a million photos and just post the really really cute ones

I love Bit and Scratch - they're such cool kitties, and Harley and Davidson. And Bella is gorgeous, and Rosie of course, and all the bengals, and I love Tolly - his face is just so cool! Hope's tribe of kitties are all gorgeous! And Anyanka...... I could go on all day!

But my number one kitty is Jenn's JJ I love hearing his updates, and how well he's going after what he's been through. Such a wonderful cat.
Thank you... Bit gives a trill and Scratch gives a sniff!
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You know it really is hard to pick just a few cats. Everytime I save a message with a list of cats, I see more that are my favourites. I think I'll just say, everyone's cat is one of my favourites. I love them all.
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I agree Hope - there are so many and they all are beautiful. Having said that, there have been a couple (as you all probably already know) that have just reached out and "grabbed" me.

Smudge (now over the bridge)
Persil - I love her eyes
Sam - Well, who wouldn't fall in love with that face!
Bella - Brave, brave beautiful girl.
JJ - What a strong and brave little guy
Tia - Always will be special to me (I had her for 5 wonderful days and she is truly a velcro kitty)
Jasper - He's so ferocious! (Sorry fuzzybutt.)
Tuffy - He's been through so much and is still so loving

This names but a few that have touched me to the core.

Then there are the others:

Reilly - Love his permanent eyeliner!
The exotic cats, Boris, Amber and the rest of John's gang
The magnificent black kitties
The wonderful white kitties
All the kitties in between those colours!
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Let's see..

Tiggy. Ever since I got my own orange boy I've come to appreciate him.

Abby. She's got a such a cute face

Skittles. Love her expressions.. Wish her mom would come back and tell us how she and the kittens are doing.

Rosie & Sophie.. Pretty girls.

Serenity.. Love those sprinkles on her face

Ares (RB) What a gorgeous cat he was.

I'm having trouble remembering which one has the little white mustache.. I think it is Cosette, not Eponine but whichever one it is she is very cute.
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Mollie, Tiggy says thank you!
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There's so many!! I love TTP&B, Abby, Zissou, Stumpy and Lily, Bella, Milky, Tolly, Cedar, Rosie and Sophie, Bit and Scratch, Skittles.. I could go on all day! I love them all.
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They are all gorgeous, but I particularly like Bella and Abby. And I love the new siggy for Harley Davidson and of course kittylover4evers siggy with the baseball cats!

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Just for you Colleen......

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I fell in love with KittyKook's Cooper ever since she posted the pic of him as a kitten - sucking his thumb!

And, of course, the two who make me get up early every morning and open cans...
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Just for you Colleen......

Thanks, Susie! Love your new siggy, but just doesn't have the oomph of the baseball kits!
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I love them all, too, but I confess there are a few I have a special soft spot for:

Tiggy - I just love his little attitude!
Teufel - the toothbrush picture cracks me up every time
Abby - she has such a sweet face and beautiful blue eyes
Sierra - she's just such a little lady
Rosie - the picture of her meowing always makes me smile
Milky - of course...he's the king after all!
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Wow, this is hard! Of course there is Miss Rosie with her sweet open mouth expression, and Hopehackers lovely crew, but other than those, I just cannot choose. It is just a dizzying prospect trying to pick just a few! All the red tabby boys confuse me enough trying to pick the sweetest of them.
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How can you possibly pick a favorite? Every time I see a new cat I think it’s my favorite.

I do have to admit that the cats in hats (baseball and cat’s rule) and the star trek cats top the list. Mostly because they look so cute in their outfits. But I also like the tigers, fluffys, tuxedos, bengals, all the kittens, cats with distinctive faces.

And I forgot to mention cats in sun glasses. There are too many to mention. I like all the cats.

When I was looking for my cat I wasn’t sure if I liked him because I had a completely different type in mind. Now I wouldn’t part with him.
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Oh goodness, Harley & Davidson thank you all! I agree with you, but of course I am biased

I'm in love with all the kitties here on TCS! There is definately no way I could name them all off!
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Someone used to have a cat on here named "Sam" that I was just so in love with. But I havent seen that person in a loooong time.
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I love Magnum, Harley and Davidson, and I also think Scratch is beautiful.
Everyones kitties are so adorable. I wish I could remember everybody's kitty's names, because then I would just have to name them all.

Actually, even though he isn't a cat, I love Bear. Everytime I read a thread with Bear and his kittys, I always think its so adorable that he's just the one doggy in the middle of all those kittys!!
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This is really hard! I don't like choosing- i think everyone has gorgeous kitties!!!! My girls and & just love TCS . Some of the kitties that have stood out the most to me are:

Kipper & Mushi
Scratch & 8-bit

but when it comes down to it, i love them all!!! Everyone has such beautiful furbabies!!!! I can't get enough of everyone's pictures !!!
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i'm always struck by how gorgeous Reilly is... that is one handsome cat love all of them though, really
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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
So hard to pick....

but the ones that always make me smile are:

Harley and Davidson
Lucky Girl
"Stumpy" and Lily
and of course...sweet Bella

Of course I'm a person that hangs out in Fur Pics, and these are all people who post in there a lot. Either that or have gorgeous siggy pics.
Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
I love them all but I am partial to these kitties..

Abby, Harley, Davidson, Reilly, and Lucky Girl.
Awww, thanks guys....LuckyGirl is honored to be in your favorites!

I have a few that I always love to look at:

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Oh, I forgot, I also love to check out Carmello's new pics, and all of "Amberthebobcat"'s kittsters....I get so jealous, I'd just looooooove to lay & cuddle with Carmello....he is such a beautiful boy!
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I've not seen one I don't love yet, but every time I see Cearbhaill's siggy I want to kiss the screen - esp the pic of Rochester
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Ohh what a neat thread...

I really like:

Pearl (beautiful White Cat)
Meeko (My all time Favorite Bengal- Those spots)
Hope (Another of my favs)
Bijou (Beautiful blue eyes)
Claire (Another beautiful White Cat)
Jaffa and Mosi (Too cute)
Abby (Very Cute)
Dori (Very pretty)

and of course my:
Angel and ChestNut (My baby girls are always my favorites)
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Originally Posted by arcadian girl View Post
i'm always struck by how gorgeous Reilly is... that is one handsome cat love all of them though, really
Reilly says thank you!
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oh, and Jin-Jin and SunLee.....and of course Maxie...what a beautiful cat!
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Ohhhhhhh!!! I could NEVER pick a favorite!! Well, actually my Garfield is looking right now so I have to say him or I'll get the paw in the face!!!
For he is the KING of my house, remember?!?!

But when he isn't looking I would have to say I EVERY KITTY!!!
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Thanks Luckygirl/Heather!!! We love Petals twin too!
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Of course my Sash is my favorite. I love all the kitties on TCS but the ones I really enjoy seeing pics of the most are the rescued kitties and the older shelter kitties that have been adopted into loving homes, they always bring the biggest smile to my face and just melt my heart seeing them happy.
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Hmmmm....I think my favorites are all the resuced cats...both the ones who were directly taken off the streets, but especially those who were adopted in shelters. To name a few rescued beauties that I like: Sash, JinJin, Eilcon's gang, Eppie and Cosie who were shelter babies...

Also, I of course favor my own cats, who I know not many of you are familiar with. I just posted a new thread in furpics, but to whet your appetite, here's my little Clownfish:

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That look says, "show me the money!"
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