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Who's your computer buddy?

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I've noticed recently that everytime I go into the spare bedroom/office to work on the computer, Peter follows me in and hangs out close by. The other cats come in and out, but he's my most faithful computer buddy.

Do you have a computer buddy (or buddies) too?
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If I had to pick, it would be Scully, but it is a pretty close race.
Magnum does not like being ignored and will come in just to annoy you, Boomer likes the heat of the computer and so generally sleeps behind it anyway and Bumper will just go anywhere I do regardless of what i do, but Scully seems to want to chat whenever I am on the computer and will come up behind me and paw on the back of my chair
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Zebra will sit either on my lap, on the second chair beside me or on top of the monitor. Milo sleeps on top of the monitor all the time too.
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Reilly will sit on my lap when I'm on the computer.
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Scratch sits right behind my chair, and Bit will sit on the couch right next to me. We don't have a whole bunch of space here so they both come to the computer area if they want to be around meowmy.
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Mia loves to chase the cursor so every time anyone sits at one of the computers she is there. She will play until she completely wears herself out and falls asleep.
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It used to be Dori, she would try to lay on my keyboard though and that never worked out Now it's Brody, but that's no suprise.... he goes everywhere I go
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I only have one kitty so I guess there's no choice, heh... I have this metal canister underneath my computer desk, and sometimes I will look down and jump because two yellow eyes are staring at me from the dark space under the desk! She climbs up there to get on my lap. Sometimes she climbs out of my lap and onto the keyboard/in front of the monitor, so I have to peer around her (not easy, she's a big cat.) She's very much a lap-cat.
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Yeah my dog Chloe follows me every where. To the bathroom to the kitchen to bed when I go watch tv when I get on the computer. I think you are getting the point.
She is suck a sweet dog.
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Scuffy is beside me most of the time, just slepping.
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The "family room" (ha! read "junk room"), which also houses my computer, is Cindy's territory. She tends to hang out there in fairly equal proportions with our bedroom and the back yard. So she's often there, or will follow me there, and will come on my lap for a while to collect scritches. She even pushes the keyboard drawer out of her way. Mostly, though, she curls up a few feet away on her chair or the floor or in the window. Increasingly, I'm finding I have "bookends" -- Cindy to my left, and Fawn, a similar distance away curled up on the floor.

Suzy's computer hangout -- with or without a human -- is Rob's printer. She does herd him into the study when she wants his company though.
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Sibohan sleeps at the nape of my neck on the back of my arm chair when I am on the computer (laptop) i'm sure she would much rather be on my lap.
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Zander, my hair challanged cat. Loves being curled next to a human. Never met a lap he didn't like. But he is especially partial to mine and if I go in the computer room he is there in a flash and making circles on my lap before I am even settled in.

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It's Ari!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
It's Ari!
Awww, cute pic of your handsome boy!
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Forest likes to come in and hang out by my feet, but my real computer helper is Harvey. Every time anyone gets on the computer, Harvey has to come and walk across the keyboard. He's become a very good fact, he's so proficient that he used to send my stepson letters when he was away at college. ( kidding... )
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Both of the boys, but more so Jacob! He likes to follow me in, tromp all over the computer table, sit on the back of the chair and try out the keyboard!
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Stanley used to love to try and lay on the keyboard as I was trying to type. But he would normally hang around. Especially in my old place.

In the new place Stanley pretty much leaves me alone to lay on the couch and Stripes comes into the room and rubs against my legs and the chair.

Funny boys!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
It's Ari!
I love it! Did he win???????????
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Rowdy gives me lap dances, when I'm on the computer. In the morning, this is a problem, as she jostles hand holding my coffee cup. If she's not on my lap, she is laying on the right side of my desk, tail whipping or kicking my mouse.

Buddy is much more considerate - he merely lays on the desk and sleeps.
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Davidson, he's always on my lap when I'm on the computer! He loves to watch the screen
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Rowdy gives me lap dances, when I'm on the computer.
My tuxedo cat Domino does that too!
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Nope. Niether of mine sit by me while I'm on the computer. I dont know why.
But the second I get off of the chair, they are all over me.
They must think I'm doing bills or something and to leave meowmy alone.
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Cubbie likes to sit in front of the monitor or lay across the keyboard. She also loves to take all the pens out of my pen holder and bat them on the floor. She basically keeps my desk in a mess but I love her anyway.
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Tink is usually at my feet or somewhere that she can see me, Minnie and Figaro are my lap cats, though. Trixie comes in when I've been working for too long and tells me to get off (small meows, lol).
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Jasmine is my computer buddy! She's always up on my lap reading TCS threads with me She sends her love!
Velvet is my laundry buddy.She sleeps on a little kitty bed on top of the washing machine and supervises everything lol. Isabella is a little fluffy princess and does what she wants. And Abilene is my little bathroom buddy- she always has to be up on the counter investigating when i brush my teeth. lol.
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Jello the dog! The kitties don't have the patience to just stay with mom doing nothing. They do the same if I am watching TV.
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