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the Monday "blah" DT

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I so don't want to be at work today - we are so busy. I am ignoring my clients and surfing the net (bad me). I have been surfing the net for smiley emoticons. I found some neat sites.
How is everyone else's day! How was your weekend?
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I've have been wanting to go to sleep all day! My eyes just want to close.

We had a lot of storms over the weekend so we spent most of the time at home. We rented some movies Friday night. Friday we watched The Royale Tenenbaums. Then Saturday I got up and cleaned and rearranged the "pet" room. Then that night we watched A Walk to Remember and Men in Black (hubby had never seen it). Unless you don't want to cry, I don't recommend A Walk to Remember. However, it was a great movie.

On Sunday I finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; I'm re-reading it now. I read through the books fast the first time, then I read them again a little slower so I can pick up on the "clues." This book was awesome, I even cried at the end.
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IMO the Goblet of Fire is the best of the series - I also cried. My hubby was fiddling with the new computer all weekend - I hardly saw him so I did a lot of reading and spend quality time with the kitty cats!
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Last day of vacation.... I'm ready to go back to work.

My friend owns her own pet sitting buisness and I figured since she's been so bogged down with clients I'd step up and offer my services. She was glad for the offer because she was hoping to go on vacation in August. So today I met her at one of her client's homes to go over the basics of a home vist. Tomarrow she's going to bring me a booklet and a video to watch. Yah!

I hope you all are enjoying your day! It's a beauty out here today!
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Don't go to work, until 3:00, so I'm being lazy this morning. It is cloudy and gray but, no rain as yet, today.

I thought that I was going to get company in the bathtub. Opie and Rowdy, both came in to watch and sit on the side.

Finally, got off my best intentions and made a doctor's appt. My left hand has been getting increasingly numb, for a couple of weeks. Think it may be time to have that carpal tunnel surgery, that I've been putting off, for so long.

Yesterday was Mom's birthday. I haven't been able to reach them, with all of our crazy schedules. I had to send her present, via my brother. Got a voice mail, from my dad, last night, thanking me for the angel plate. At least, I know that they're OK.

Have good week.
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I've been slammed at work today, so am just now getting caught up on the weekend's posts.

I'm getting over what the mortgage lady pulled on us. She actually said that I should just ask my dad for $13,000 for a down payment! You know, family loyalty is one thing, but that is just too much, especially since I told her from the beginning that I wasn't going to ask for money. Period. Oh, and did I mention that was essentially trying to tell me that I should leave my husband because he isn't pulling his weight financially? I'm a little bitter, can you tell? It just infuriates me that she BSed me and got our hopes up, especially when she kept saying that she is so "blunt and honest." Blunt and honest would have been to tell us "You aren't in a position to buy anything right now. Work on X, Y and Z, and I'll talk to you in a year or two."

Sorry. I really didn't mean to rant, honest! On a lighter side, two of the owners emailed me that I had done such a great job taking office meeting minutes. It's an engineering office, so they talk about all this technical stuff, and they thought it was great that I could keep and talk about it so accurately. That really lifted my spirits from a pretty crappy week last week.

OK, I'm done babbling. Hope everyone has (had) a great day!
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Today I didnt do much! I went to the mail box place to ship a package, got lunch, came home, and that's about it......... I cleaned up our computer room, and washed some clothes & washed dishes.
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I really don't have much to say. I worked all weekend so today has felt more like a Wednesday to me than a Monday.

BTW Adymarie, I really like your new graphics!
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