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I am so mad right now

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I am so mad right now, driving back from picking up some groceries earlier, I was listening to a (mainstream) radio station in the car, they were breaking from music for adverts at which point it says (paraphrasing)

Everytime you change the station, God kills a kitten, so stop animal cruelty and stay with us while we take this break

It made me so mad and I refuse to ever listen to that radio station again, earlier that day they had made comments about how their music was not chinchilla friendly and made several bad jokes about animals in general... several hours later it still makes me want to strangle them
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What a bunch of losers. That makes me soooo mad too! I would probably fire off an angry email. It would help you feel better, and even if nobody responds you know somebody had to read it.

Don't listen to that station again though. They'll probably get a ton of angry calls/letters and start making fun of the people who were offended, because, well, that's what shock jocks do.
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That is absurd!

Personally, I think that not listening to them isn't enough. They need to know WHY they have lost a listener. Don't email their shock-jocks, though. Contact their marketing/advertising department. They are the ones who need to know that the tasteless "bump" has cost their advertisers a potential customer. I would also be sure to mention that you aren't some animal rights wacko, but just an animal lover, and that you were offended by the subject of killing and abusing animals.
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I would've called the station and fired off some sound words at them. I bet they'd never put that on their station again. Better yet, Why don't you forward that to PETA and let them deal with them? I bet that station will be sorry they started something so stupid.
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Oh I emailed the station, my contact in the advertising dept and the shock-jocks, I also made it clear that we would not be using them for advertising again at work (we usually run adverts twice a year with them but there would be no point running an advert when people are not listening because they are so busy talking about something like that).

What annoyed me more, is it was a recording, not something the DJ had just said that they couldn't edit due to it being live, so the station knew about it
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"Better yet, Why don't you forward that to PETA and let them deal with them?"

Yea, Peta is good for something, like this situation.

I will sheepishly admit that I had a poster up at my old apartment that said "Every time you vote __(political party)__, God kills a kitten" but I considered it a joke making fun of the old saying mothers always told their sons about um.... Onanism. I never really thought about how offensive it could be if people thought about it differently. I'm not hanging it up again after this thread but I think it's is totally different to try and guilt people into listening to the station.

Oh wow! You have some serious weight to pull! Not everyone can be like, Oh, I'm pulling my ads, thanks though. They better listen up and quit being so stupid.
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To be honest they are big enough that they wont care about one company pulling their ads, they will make nice when they call tomorrow but it wont make any difference to them - the ad space will be filled easily... however I deal with many other local companies and will not feel bad telling them why we are suddenly advertising with someone else.

As far as your poster, that is your personal choice to have in your home, not an announcement on a radio station with no warning. I have plenty of keyrings and posters that are probably not to everyones taste... I have a Pooh Bear poster in my home office that somehow offends my BF just by 'being for kids' but I still wont take it down... he doesn't have to step foot in that room if he doesn't want to.

There are plenty of problems with the advert, with people who do not believe in a 'god' as well as those who believe he would never be cruel like that along with the animal cruelty aspect and the fact this was on at 4pm when plenty of children would probably be listening.
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that upsets me! I would never listen to that radio station again and I would seriously file a complaint. what a bunch of losers!
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One of our local radio stations is currently running the same "segue" into their commercials. I wonder if both stations are part of some huge media conglomerate (Clearchannel, for example). Friday night, hubby and I heard it in the car and both commented on how inappropriate that was and turned the station. Hmmm.... I wonder if any other posters will have heard it too. If you're hearing it in Canada and I'm hearing it in Arkansas, its got to be playing in other markets.
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I'm sure that ad came from this thing that has been on the internet for a few years... (warning, it's slight sexual humor).

Ad here
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I am sure it has too, and believe that Zissou'sMom's poster was based on the same thing, I just didn't find it particularly suitable for afternoon radio.

As I suspected, they were nice enough on the email but don't really care, they said they will look into the appropriateness of leadins to adverts
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I am sure it has too, and believe that Zissou'sMom's poster was based on the same thing, I just didn't find it particularly suitable for afternoon radio.

I agree that it's not appropriate.
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