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Cats tend to purr when they're happy or content. When a cat purrs, the sound we hear is produced when the cat's larynx vibrates. These vibrations are transferred through the entire body of the cat. Then, when the cat breathes in and out, the vibrations of the larynx become audible. Veterinary behaviorist Katherine Houpt says that the motivation that sets off these vibrations is still something of a mystery. Houpt explains, "We don't know exactly why they purr, but they only do it in social situations -- people don't find their cats purring to themselves -- or only rarely. And it is a behavior probably leftover from kittenhood."
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Cats will also purr when in pain or when frightened.

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My Female cat Moxie..She is 10 years old.
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Moxie is beautiful!!!!!! I have a cat who looks similar.
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Christopher - I can tell form the look on Moxie's face that she does not like to be held! Your home page for your cats is very nice and well done!
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Moxie is a beautiful cat!

Back to the subject of purring...
My cat, Snowball, is one of those cats who has a very quiet purr. I have to place my hand against his throat to tell if he's purring. Or, if he's in my lap, I can feel him vibrating so I know he's content.
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I'm moving this thread to the behavior forum where it belongs. Thanks for the info Christopher - it's very interesting. I hope you stick around and contribute more.
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Christopher - has anyone told you you bear a striking resemblance to Ralph Fiennes (English Patient)?

BTW - Moxie looks like a total darling.

How come you know so much about cats - are you a vet or cat therapist - or are you just interested in cats?
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I don't think I ever seen that movie the English Patient.Is Ralph someone you like as an actor or looks...lol.I love cats.I should say I love all animals.The last few years I have educated myself about cats but alot of it is the unconditional love I get everyday and I return the favor.
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My cat is very selective with his purring. I have to pet him for quite a while and only if he is very relaxed. I know other cats who will purr if you look at them! Is mine normal?
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