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Look at this poor sweet thing

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Poor little kitty, I am so glad he was rescued but does he have a chance of finding a home?
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Omgosh that poor dear. I certainly hope he finds a wonderful, loving, and furever home that will treat him like the handsome prince he is.

I'd love to stick his former "owner's" in a cage
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Originally Posted by alikatt View Post
I'd love to stick his former "owner's" in a cage
With a very large gorilla who is more than happy to fight over the food!
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OMG that poor little baby! I'm with you Barbara- a really hungry gorilla! That is just reprehensible- I'd take him in a second, ugh, that just sickens me!
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Oh poor baby!
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Boy, stuff like that makes my blood boil!!! I'd take him in a heartbeat!! I'm tellin you guys, in my next life, I'm coming back as an animal cop, like on the Animal Planet........let me deal with those IDIOTS that abuse animals!
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Oh bless his heart!!! I seriously would like to choke these people out...this abuse of animals has to STOP.
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He's not so ugly as they say... a little the worse for wear, maybe; but not ugly.

I think the sheer pathos of his history will attract a sympathetic human... and if he's a social as they say, then there shouldn't be too much problem. And Persian, too... that's a point in his favor...

He really should get an owner. You wait and see.
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Don't worry, whoever did this has a seat with their name on it in hell waiting for them
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Oh the poor little guy! He looks so adorable as well. What a lot of deplorable people there are that we have to share the planet with. And why the hell would they want to spend so much money on a purebred and keep it with a ferret? It beggars belief.
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Honestly, because of the poor little guy's horrid history, he will probably find a very loving forever home. Look at our reaction to him! A true animal lover will give him a home that he deserves, and finally show him how loving people can be.
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if only i lived in PA.
he looks like he could become a sweet sweet companion.
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Awww, poor baby! That made me cry! What a sweetheart. If I could, I'd take him in a heartbeat!
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