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Innova good for preventing crystals?

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Does anyone know\\ if its a really good food for preventing them?
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which crystals???

the best food is wet to prevent and most truely premium will work ... call and ask about PH ideally 6.5 but most vary 6.0-7.0 , low magnesium and low phosphorus
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Well I was just talking to the humane society vet on the phone and he personally said one of my cats should be on a good type of food which would prevent the cat from having crystals after being altererd? Whatever that means. Maybe i SHould call them back and ask what exact type of crystals they were talking about?

My actual vet has told me INNOVA is the best brand of food he could reccomend along with a good type of food for tarter control (t/d perscription diet)

HOwever the recent stray/rescue cat i got is NOT going to my current vet because since he was a stray prowling tom cat the humane society is helping me out a bit with his shots/nuter/deworming and are holding him for a week. They said one time they found blood in his urine but said they dont think its much to be concerned about and just put him on a good crystal preventing food.
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there are OTC foods dry mainly that have been proven to help prevent crystals... Purina and Nutro make two of the most avail with decent to good quality... if your feeding dry look at those as both have been PROVEN through testing to help prevent... Innova is very good but is missing one of the best acidifiers
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IMO only the wet Innova would be the best to feed. I believe I have checked this food and felt the magnesium in the dry food is to high.
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
Does anyone know\\ if its a really good food for preventing them?
INTERESTING! This was just asked on the FLUTS board on yahoogroups!

NO It is NOT good for preventing crystals! My Panther was ON it and he blocked. He is now on Royal Canin SO mixed with Science diet CD.

If I could afford canned food he would get it.

HERE is the URL to information about what foods are good for this ailment that was posted on the group:

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What about California Natural dry? I recently switched my cats over to that to get them on a better quality food than Iams. But I would be seriously concerned if California Natural will increase the risk of crystals in my cats. I do feed wet food but my male cat is not always good about finishing his wet and I often have to supplement his diet with quite a bit of dry.
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I think the most important factor to preventing crystals is including wet food in the diet. Any diet made up of entirely kibble, no matter how good that kibble may be, is still putting stress on the system to digest and putting a cat at risk for crystal formation.

Innova is an excellent food, and I would reccomend feeding it, but do include wet food as a portion of the diet (at least half!)

Originally Posted by MyBabies View Post

HERE is the URL to information about what foods are good for this ailment that was posted on the group:

See, but all the foods they list are of mediocre quality. The risk of causing other health problems by feeding sub-par ingredients just isn't worth it to me. Not when there is an easy way to feed good quality food and not risk urinary tract health.
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do not feed your cat T/D if you need to prevent or keep crystals at bay!!! T/D could actually make it worse. silly vet lol they should know that!

any of these would be great for prevention get some Plaque Off or Logic Gel for teeth cleaning.

your vet should be able to order this for you if not check online for the names of the food and see if you can find somewhere that will ship it to you. sometimes it's cheaper online.

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chausiefan, talk to the shelter vet again to find out what exactly s/he means. Then I would suggest talking it over with your normal vet.

My Ophelia had crystals & is currently on SD c/d. She now refuses to eat it. I got a booklet of Solid Gold products...of course they reccomended their foods. However, their Katz-N-Flocken is low magnesium. I think it is also low ash? I am taking the booklet with me to the vet today when the dogs have an appt. to see what she thinks. I have to fid another food, so I need guidlelines..and she is the best person to ask!
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Below is a post I made elswhere on the site. Might have some helpful info for you.

Well, my guy must have detected the cranberry powder because he stuck up his nose, so I stopped putting it in. I also read something yesterday about magnesium in the wet food, and which foods are recommended. So I know I am feeding him right, the right diet creates acidic urine. Also, I just ordered some tablets that create an acidic urine. I will attach both of these articles if I can.http://www.swancorner.com/feilineurologicsyndrome.html this is the site that discusses food and FUS, CarponTM
A Natural Urinary Acidifier
Treats and prevents Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease by acidifying urine and breaking up struvite crystals. Contains a natural acidifier extracted from berries. Tablet form.

Carpon100 tablets$19.30 + s/h
and above is the name of the product I ordered, developed by Belfield Pet Food Research Center

by Dr. Wendell O. Belfield
I hope you can find these links.
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