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Chuckie has crossed the bridge

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I'm posting this for Diane (Stormy) because she's too upset to post right now as she's just lost her beloved Chuckie.

His story is here :

Theres a little boy in heaven now, and his name is Chuckie

Run fast over the bridge Chuckie because all your new friends are waiting for you to play chase, but look down on your mum because she's hurting right now

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Diane I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Chuckie.
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Diane, my heart is breaking with you right now. Losing a loved one is never easy, and doubly so when it's so unexpected.

Fly with the angels, Chuckie. You've been an angel on Earth since you were born, and your family and friend miss you so much. Watch over them while you frolic at the Rainbow Bridge.
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bye chuckie, please kiss Mozel and Sparky for me. kisses for spider, sarge, dog, and cat as well. May as well say hello to queenie and Blackie and Tuffy while you're at it. You will be in good company and we will miss you.
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Diane, I am so very sorry for your loss. Chuckie was so loved in life, and nothing will diminish that.

Play happily over the Bridge sweet Chuckie. Your sister Roo is waiting for you along with all of the other TCS angels.
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Ohh Diane............ My heart is breaking.........RIP little Chuckie.....
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Oh I am so sorry for your loss of Chuckie. Sweet happy play time free of pain to Chuckie.
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My heart goes out to you and Spyder at this time of loss. I know nothing I can say will be comforting enough, but please know that I care.

Rest in peace, sweet Chuckie, may you have lots of fun with your new friends over Rainbow Bridge.
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i was shocked to hear of Chuckie's passing... i know from experience how difficult it is to lose a baby so suddenly, especially one so young Sweet Chuckie, look for my Mouse over the bridge, & share stories till we get there...
to you during this incredibly painful time...
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Oh, Diane, any words are completely inadequate, but please know I'm so incredibly sorry you lost precious Chuckie! This was so sudden, too, making this loss all the more difficult for you. I'll ask my little Caleb to give him an extra special welcome, as now, you're sweet little boy is so happy and healthy, joyfully playing with his new friends as he watches over his Mommy. I weep with you now, and you remain in my prayers.
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I am so sorry you lost your beautiful boy

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I'm so sorry to hear about Chuckie.
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Im so very sorry to hear about your sweet Chuckie. My condolences to you. Nothing can prepare you for something so devastating. May you find your peace soon. Rest in Peace Chuckie.
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Diane, I am so incredibly sorry to hear about Chuckie's passing. Many prayers are headed your way
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My words feel so useless right now but I want you to know that you have my deepest condolences.
Precious Chuckie...
RIP sweet darling.
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Thanks everyone. I will read through this thread when I can see it without tears welling up.

Thank you all for being there, it's so hard to believe my big boy is gone.
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Oh Diane! I am so sorry! What a terrible shock to you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to PM. I know you'll feel bad for a while, and it's ok.

Play with my Smudgie at the Bridge, Chuckie, and all our other precious babies.
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Ahhh, I am so sorry to read this is alway's very sad I will have you in my Thoughts and Prayers, and I hope you playing and feeling wondeful at Rainbow Bridge Chuckie, Bless your Heart Dear Boy.
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Oh I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful boy Chuckie, he really is so beautiful! It is so hard to lose something so precious, I hope someday you find comfort in your memories of him.I will remember you in my prayers.
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RIP sweet Chuckie, and I send prayers for Stormy.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Have comfort in the fact that you will be with him again soon, and that he will be happy and healthy forever now. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

RIP sweet Chuckie
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I am very sorry for this unexpected loss of Chuckie. Your sweetie is now with all the other TCS angels, he has lots of excellent company and I imagine they are all having a "compare the human" story session up there
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Oh Diane!! there aren't words enough to tell you how sorry I am. My prayers are with you tonight

RIP dear Chuckie.....you will be so sadly missed.
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Rest peaceful sweetheart!
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I'm so sorry Diane. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

RIP Chuckie
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Oh, Diane, I am so very sorry for this sudden loss! And Chuckie was such a young kitty, too! And so beautiful!

Rest in peace, big guy! You will be missed very very much!
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I am so sorry for your sad and sudden loss, Stormy.

Rest in peace Chuckie. God speed over Rainbow Bridge - and don't forget to look in with love on those hurting from your passing.
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I'd been reading the thread at Health & Nutrition and hoped for the best. Chuckie was a beautiful cat, and I bet he was so sweet. It's a shame he had to go at such a young age.
RIP Chuckie.
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Thanks for your wonderful support everyone. I am sure Chuckie can feel all of your love at the bridge.

Chuckie had died early yesterday morning (Wed) and the vet brought him back, then called us to see what we wanted to do.

The vet was terribly shocked to see Chuckie's blood test results were so bad. He says it's extremely rare for a cat so young.

Chuckie had extermely bad diabetes and his liver shut down....and something about the fluids he was getting was affecting his keytones(??) can't remember exactly but they couldn't keep the fluids in him.

Letting him ago was devastating but I didn't want him to suffer any longer. The vet said he could try to get him well enough to come home but that it would take weeks and was basically an impossible task.

We all all just overwhelmed with the shock of it all, a week ago he seemed so big, strong and healthy. To go from that to being so thin within week is still and will continue to be mind boggling to my whole family.

Thanks again
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I am so very sorry to read this, I truly hoped that the bloods would show somethign positive. IT must be so devastating, RIP little one, and big hugs to you.
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