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I just got a new 8 week old kitten from the spca in my area. His name is Joplin and he has been here for about a week.

My main coon mix Hendrix, just groomed him. It was so cute I wanted to cry.

She warmed up to him pretty quickly... is this called something?
When the older cat takes the motherly role and groom the kitten, and watch out for it?

Its so cute. Im a proud meowmy!
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I was the same when I saw our new kitten suckling from our other kitty - the most beautiful thing I'd seen.

It's wonderful isn't it? I can imagine you're a very proud mummy
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It is! I love it! I like to see them cuddle and sleep together. I cant snap a photo of them together yet. Hendrix does not like cameras to much!
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