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If you really want to take her to the vet to make sure everything is ok you might be able to talk to the vet and cut the bill in half, $50 this month and $50 next month. That makes it a lot easier on you.
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Oh don't cry!! You can do this!!! Deep breath....just remember cats have been successfully having babies since long before veterinarians existed. She knows instinctively what she's doing, and she'll let you know if there's something wrong.

(might be time for a reassuring beverage - i recommend daiquiris or margaritas!)
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It sounds to me like tammy is looking for the right place now, because she knows the time is very soon. You said she is looking around at every corner, etc. She is trying to find a place where she feels most safe and comfortable. Try not to worry so much. At least now you know that you can take action to help her if need be on Friday. *hugs* You're doing great. Don't fall off the deep end now! lol
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OK, down to business. This is the 69th day that I have had her. I have noticed that she is searching.....searching.....everywhere. If she doesn't find a place that she feels secure, can she hold back the birth? If so, for how long?

If she REALLY feels insecure, can she re-absorb the kits? (that sounds so silly, but someone mentioned it the other day, about a cat re-absorbing her litter)

The reason I am asking is because although her sides are still evident, they are NOT as large as they were. It looks like everything dropped down to the lower part of her abdomen, and I am not sure I see any movement, and she refuses to sit still so that I can feel her tummy. She is very lovey, but cat on a hot tin roof does not begin to explain her behavior. Up and down, up and down, on the counters, on the table, off the table. She reached over and playfully nipped KittenKiya this morning, so she is not sick. She is eating, drinking, pottying, playing, etc.

What can I do to help her settle down? I have two different boxes in the kitty litter room, one box in the living room and two places set up in the bedroom. I have tried spraying Feliway, cuddling, talking to her, petting......is there anything else I can do for her, please?
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I hate to be blunt, but the answer is "no".

Cat's do things in their own sweet time. I think they may actually enjoy knowing that they are driving us up the walls.LOL!

Then again, animals are pretty good at sensingour emotions(fear, happiness, STRESS, ect...) so maybe she knows that you are stressed and worried and that is making her stressed and worried. I don't know, I'm just guessing. I mean, it DOES make sense.

Oh yeah, and YES, I have heard that cats are able to hold of labor for a short time. I have read a couple places that if they are really attached to thier owners and their owners work alot, then sometimes that cats will put of giving birth until their owners are home and with them. I have never heard of them being able to put it off for long periods of time though. Also, I don't think she will reabsorb the kittens. Although it happens, it ussually happens early in the pregnancy, not this late.(as far as I know)
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You know what???? You are right.

I guess all I can do is just pet her and love her and have stuff ready for her when she decides to have them.

OK. I will take a chill pill and settle down too. Thank you sweetie.
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HeeHee......good luck! LOL!
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*hugggs* Yes, mellowwwww. good idea!
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Any furbabies yet??
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Nope. 70th day and no kits. We still have a pregnant tummy, we are happy and healthy........I could just scream.
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Awwww, I hope she has them tonight!
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I have just read this thread.
What about going out for the evening? It seems a lot of people come
home to their cat having had kittens whilst they were out...
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lol keep checking this thread hoping to hear something good luck
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Nope. 71st day and no kits. I keep thinking that perhaps my calculating is off, but.....well there it is.

I can just sit here and wait, and pet her and love her. I have already told her that no matter what happens, kits or not, she has a home forever.

Now for some vodka potato salad, vodka tuna, vodka coffee with Kaluha......mmmmmm, some vodka cherry ice cream.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.
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lol i feel for you it was bad enough waiting the 63 day's i would have had a fit waiting any longer
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Another question. Why does she cry? Tammy will look around, go brupppp, meow, lay down. Jump on the table, counters, bruppp, meow and find some place to lay down.

She is not meowing because she is hurt, hungry, sick.....nothing like that. Is she just making noises so that her babies will recognize her after they are born?

Mmmmmmm, some vodka fudge brownies with Kaluha sauce, vodka hotdogs with peppermint schnaps relish and salty potato chips sprinkled with cayenne pepper.
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Ahhh, guys. One of my co-workers just told me that I am off on my day count.

Would someone who is not so emotionally wiped out, please check my date count? I got Tammy-Timmy on July 28, 2006. How many days does that make since I got her, including today, please?
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i make it 69 day's let me just double check
yep deffently 69 day's
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I shall be calm.......I shall be serene......I shall explode????

No kits. However:

She is very quiet now, no screaming at the door in the morning, she is not eating as much, she is not chasing anyone around the house......and there is a long weekend coming up.....****sigh****
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Having fun with the smilies??? LOL!
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Well, what else can I do??? We have no kits yet. Today she is a Tasmanian Devil again, a whirling dervish.

Meow, meow....what baby, what's the matter.....Meow, meow, meow, up on the table....meow, meow, meow......off the table onto the counter......meow, meow, meow.....what baby, what.......meow, meow, meow....lays down and grabs a cat nap.

I am at my wits end. This cat is going to make the Guiness World Book of Records for the longest pregnancy in history.

I keep hearing that song running through my head:

"They're coming to take me away, ha ha, they're coming to take me away, ha he he he he....and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats.....they're coming to take me away, ha ha"
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lol i take it still no sign then
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We still have a cute pregnant-looking belly and a mean attitude.
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Has her pregnancy been confirmed by a vet?
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I just read this thread and KNEW when I got to the end there would be kittens !!!! How is she today ? What and emotional roller coaster for you waiting and waiting and waiting ....... Let us know how shes doing ....... sending many vibes to you and to her ........
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Pami, I am a freaking wreck.

We have discussed everything on this thread....reabsorption....no too late, reabsorption was happen, but earlier in the pregnancy. Kits dead....I swear to God I have felt movement and seen her belly roll as the kits rolled over. Either that or I am delusional (which I am beginning to believe). Besides if the kits were dead, there would be some kind of action going on, fever, sick, smelly poops....right? Nothing.

She is so happy with her big belly. I will acknowledge that although I have had cats for 50+ years, I do not know it all. This cat (if I don't kill her) will be teaching this old dog new tricks, that's for sure. I found out that it will cost over $100 to get her x-rayed, but I don't think that's a good idea, x-rays and lives don't go well with each other and I don't get paid until next Thursday or Friday anyway.

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Hi KittenKiya I've been following this thread and sorry there are still no kittens!! My cat Cubbie was a pregnant stray my best friend found and we went through a similar experience with her. She went to the vet right after she was found and the vet said to expect kittens in about 2wks. or less. We really expected less as she was about to bust. I have never seen such a fat pregnant cat and she ate like there was no tomorrow. Well two weeks came and went and we decided that she really wasn't pregant just FAT!! Not really, but good grief we were going crazy. Poor thing was so uncomfortable. I would check on her a few times a day while my friend was at work and still no kittens. I read about signs to look for when she was getting close and she was showing none. Finally....a little over three weeks later my friend left for work about 8am one morning and I went over to check on her about 10am and there she was with 5 newborn kittens. There was nothing to indicate that she was going to have them that morning...she ate a huge breakfast as usual and acted like she normally did. So calm down and it will happen when it happens...ususally when you least expect it. Good Luck!!
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I wish I had some experience to share with you. Easy was a pregnant stray when I found her, but I didnt even know she was pregnant. I thought she was just getting fatter because she was a stray and was finally getting food regularly LOL. I didnt know a whole lot about cats then. She would eat 4 cans of food a day. And when I finally saw her babies moving in her belly and realized, she soon delivered them.

Just keep coming back here for support. I was on a roller coaster reading the thread and Im not even there with you. So I know you must be.

As everyone has said, just keep an eye on her. She will show signs of distress if shes in distress. And I will keep sending vibes and prayers your way ..... keep us posted !!!
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Oh thank you everyone!!!!

Tammy-Timmy right this minute is running up and down the cat condo. She teases me every now and then by getting into one of the 12 boxes I have set up all over the house (expectant cat you know) and just sits there and looks at me like "Is this what you want, mommy?"

She is eating, drinking, using the litter box, playing, jumping, scratching, meowing, running all around the house.

This cat is healthy, and she looks and feels pregnant.

There......I will take a chill pill now and try to calm down.

One question, I read somewhere that cats, being induced ovulators, can get the eggs fertilized but not implant them for a period of time. Is this true, first? And could this be what has happened with Tammy-Timmy? Even that doesn't make sense because I have had her for over 70 days now. Oh well. Thank you all, I think I need some vodka.
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
One question, I read somewhere that cats, being induced ovulators, can get the eggs fertilized but not implant them for a period of time. Is this true, first? And could this be what has happened with Tammy-Timmy? Even that doesn't make sense because I have had her for over 70 days now. Oh well. Thank you all, I think I need some vodka.

I have certainly read that, too. On this site as a matter of fact. I wish I knew from who and what post. Maybe Katie, TNR1 will come by, shes an expert with this kind of stuff ......or one of the other kitten/mother experts !!!
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