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Cats, dogs, and spraying

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I know, we've been over this a million times, but Max, our almost 8 year old tabby is spraying. We got two dogs last year, and he's occasionally sprayed the wall where the dog beds are. The feli-way did work, and I thought I had it conquered. BUT, last night, the dogs were out, and he walked right over and peed right on top of one of the dog beds! I couldn't believe it!!! Right in fron of me, too!
I did grab him with a firm "NO" and put him in another room, but he had already done his damage.
Question is....
can I use the Feli-way spray on the dogs beds without them having a problem with it? I know you're supposed to use it on walls or areas that they spray, but I just don't know how to keep him from doing this again. (These were fairly new $65.00 dog beds, too!
Also, when I click on the NOK-OUT link, all I get is an ad for swishzone.com.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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Do you think that your dog might have roamed through some brush that an outdoor cat had sprayed? If so, Max would have smelled the other cat on the dog's bed and then felt compelled to mark the bed in order to remove the other cat's smell. Hmmmmm.....

Sandie is out of town...she's the big NokOut user. When she gets back she can tell you how to find the stuff.

In the meantime, the dogs shouldn't have a problem with the Feliway. Give it a try!
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You are telling your kitty no for a behaviour that comes naturally to him. This will in the end tend to frustrate Max and perhaps make him want to pee on something other than the dog bed. Have you taken Max to the vet to get checked recently? If you have, then you have to consider this is a behaviour problem. But the first thing to do would be to have your 8 year old into the vet for a check. It is sometimes helpful to just spray feliway on a cloth and give the cloth to kitty for a snif. Calms them right down. But he either has a UTI or he is marking his territory as cats do, telling the dogs he is top dog (or in this instance cat) in the house.
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Thank you both for your replies.
I DID find the NokOut website....I'm too blonde sometimes
And Max has been checked for UTI's etc. and because of the way he does it, I know it's spraying and not peeing. I will try the Feliway and just make sure it has time to dry before letting the dogs around it I suppose. Max has never had a problem before we got the dogs, either. And we've taken in 5 more cats since he first got here. He can adjust to them more easily, I guess. Right now, the house is seperated with baby gates, keeping the dogs confined to the kitchen/dining room area, and allowing the cats to come and go as they please. He usually won't come in to the kitchen if the dogs are inside....only when they're out. I don't want to scold him for doing what comes naturally, either. But I was just so shocked that he did that right in front of me, it was a knee-jerk kind of reaction.
Maybe he needs a little more time to get used to the dogs.
I hope!
Thanks again,
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