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Can cats have just lazy days??

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Hi, Can cats have just lazy days without being sick or hurting? I am asking because Tuffy has not been his friendly playfull self the last 2 or 3 days. He eats and drinks fine, has no problems in the litter box, He don't feel real warm like he has a high temp or anything like that. He isn't coughing or sneezing and he still grooms himself. He seems to lay around doing nothing all the time when he isn't sleeping, I don't see him playing with his toys or the other cats like he normaly does and he is not in the window when the sun comes up in the morning like he always was before.

Could it be he is just having a lazy couple days or should I be worried that he is sick again? How long before I should get worried if he stays like this?
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Is it very hot there like everywhere else now, or is your place air conditioned? The heat can really get to all animals, just like us. Otherwise, you might think about taking him in, based on your instincts - no one else can tell you when to do it.
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same with my cat, he's just not interested inthe toys.
now i have toys all over the house, boxes and tunnels.
but hes just lying around eating pooing sleeping!
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Definitely, especially if they're getting on in years.
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We have air, so thats not it. I have seen days where they all are just lazy, but the others are normal, so something must have him down.
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Cats can have lazy days, but if yours is having several in a row you might want to take him to the vet to make sure there's not a physical cause.
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My cats definitely have some of those....usually at the same time as I'm having my lazy days. Have you tried coaxing him to play? If he shows no interest at all for a few days, even with a lot of interaction from you, then a visit/chat with the vet may be in order.
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I have been trying to get him to play but he seems to just get annoyed with me and he walks away, or if I pet him while he is laying down he will turn his back to me or get up and go someplace so I can't reach him. He acts like he is upset with me for some reason, I have no idea why, I haven't done anything to make him mad at me that I can think of.

My depression has been pretty bad the last couple weeks, I wonder if he can tell that something is wrong or changed in the way I am acting? He has a strange look in his eyes when he looks at me lately. He acts like he is totaly bored with life in general, if that makes any sence. He used to "talk" to me allot but he has not made a sound in a long time either.

If he is like this on Monday yet I will call the vet and see what they think about it.
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Please take Tuffy to the vet....it sounds like he may be sick or in pain. That's what that "strange look" is all about. He's not annoyed with you, he just can't tell you what's wrong. Please keep us posted and I hope Tuffy feels better soon
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Cats are very good at picking up on human emotions, and it's very likely he;s sensing your depression. I think you're very close to Tuffy, so he would feel you unhappiness the most.

Definitely take him to the vet though if he doesn't come out of it.
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