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symmetrical kitties

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I keep noticing my girls ending up in symmetical poses or mirroring eachother. Everytime I notice, I grab a camera! I figure if anyone could appreciate the cuteness, it would be the people here at TCS. So enjoy!

If anyone else has a symmetrical cat picture, feel free to post it!

This one I've posted before, but it goes with the theme, so I thought I'd repost it.

I couldn't get this one to reduce in size so here is a link.
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That is the cutest thing ever!
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That is so adorable! Its like yin and yang kitties!
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Those are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a GREAT idea for a picture thread!
I enjoyed those pictures. All I have is Dori so I don't have any symmetrical pictures, but these were really great!
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Your kitties are adorable!!!! So cute

I've got pics of my kitties sitting together, but nothing symmetrical yet (I've only had the second one for 1 1/2 weeks....)
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That has a basis in communications, the more symmetrical you are the more you like the other person. It happens in animals as well. Its a way of showing that you aren't a threat.

Edit: You have wonderful kitties by the way...
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What fantastic shots of your kitties
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How adorable!
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These are as close as I can get...not really as cool as your end up, but I wanted to share!
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Thats so cool!! how strange that they imitate eachother in every shot!! once maybe, but all the time!!

My old cat murphy and my current cat riley used to do it sometimes, but this is the only picture i have:

And kitty and kotty do sometimes:

Your cats are beautiful by the way
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for Synchronized Napping is...

Those are fabulous pictures! I love the first one where they are making a heart...that's a greeting card right there!
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Those pictures are adorable!
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That is so funny!! They are so cute! Talk about two peas in a pod. Great pics!
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Great pictures! Here's my contribution, though not the best lighting.

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That is so wild! Amazing pics!
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This is the closest I get:

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Boo-Boo and Sassy in their yin and yang position.

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Cute thread! Your kitties are gorgeous! I love how they completely mirror eachother, it's adorable!!! My girls do it sometimes, too, but I can never brilliantly capture the moments like you did! I'm always delayed camera-wise. They always stop doing whatever I was to take a picture of right when I'm ready to take a pic!
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That is the cutest thing
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Cute kitties.

Here is Kuce and Lil' Jag.

Luvbug, Lil' Jag and Kuce

Luvbug and lil' Jag
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Garfield and Jasmine...

Triple play, ginger Garfield with his jet black girls...Jasmine and her sister Blue.

Mr T and Cinnamon Swirl assuming the pose...mid fight, not napping!!

Garfield and Festus in the YinYang pose!
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Since this thread I've been paying attention to my little girls and they seem to lay symmetrical nearly all the time when napping. I'm sure I would never have noticed it without this.
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yin and yang are in my signature picture on the right!
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here are my entries
Cable & Java

Pixel & Mouse

Pixel & Cable

Pixel & Java

Pixel is just a real cuddlebug, huh?
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I've posted these pics before but they belong in this thread too.

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