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i'm a newbie!

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Hello, I'm new... I just want to introduce myself. My cat is my angel! I love surfing cat sites and spending time working on my website.
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Hi, pinkfairy4. Welcome. I'm so glad you found us. There is a great group of people here and they know what they're talking about! Not only that, but they're fun. Take off your shoes and stay a while!
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Thankyou, thats a lovely welcome!


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Love the picture.

Looking forward to hearing more about yourself and your cat.
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Thankyou, .....where in Yorkshire are you from?

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Nice to have you and your furry family here.

I think your website is great - it must take quite a while to keep it up to date etc.

Is your cat the white one pictured on the site?

Hope to see you posting soon!
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...Thankyou very much for visiting my site, yes the white cat is mine! she as her own page here http://www.geocities.com/meowcatsuk/gucci.html This page tells you all about her.
Are you the kind lady who recently signed my guestbook?

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Nope. I didn't sign the guest book. I have to be a little careful in terms of time spent on Cat sites generally.

I will go back to your site - maybe over the weekend as I think it's a real interesting one. I've emailed your address to my home email.

Keep up the good work.

BTW - you're in the UK. Where exactly?

Also - why not include a link to the Cats Protection website on your site - I'm just starting on voluntary work (PR/advertising/marketing) with the Reading branch. It's SUCH a worthwhile organisation.
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...mmm I think i already have a link to the Cats Protection ... I shall have to double check.

I am from the UK but me and my hubby have been living in the Middle East the last 2 years... We will be returning to the UK in the future though... We hope to set up a Cat Rescue back in the UK eventually, so i am busy surfing the net often, for advice, help and information!
How many cats do you have?

Glad you like my site. And yes i know what you mean about times spent on cat sites... they are quite addictive! Te-he.
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The UK is sadly lacking in Cat Sanctuaries. Wish you all them best in setting that up when you get back.

Sorry - maybe I missed the link. The contact lenses are playing up today, and I'm having to retype almost everything I write.

I have 3 cats. 2 Persians, Firenza (Fifi), lilac cream, affectionate but aloof at the same time (i.e., on HER terms), Baliero (Balie) nervouse, scared of his own shadow, but beligerent as hell to all other cats around him. And Ferdinand (Ferdy or Fudfud). Black, beautiful, recently ex-stray and FIV. The most loving cat I have ever experienced in my life.

That's my furry family.

I'll stop there as I could go on for ever about them.

As I work in a design company, I'm planning to get our studio to scan some piccies of my cats, and them I can post them!!
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Awww your cats sound soooo lovely, i love all the names you have given them too.
We only have one cat (Gucci), we would love more though!..We are going through the PETS scheme so that she won't have to go into quarantine when she comes back to the UK with us... worth every penny, theres no way we could have her in quarentine. Thats one of the reasons i added "Bringing Cats To Britain " on my website.
Did you find Ferdy on the streets?
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My ex-colleauge at work has a cat called Gucci. Alister (the bloke) is a real lad, and his fiance (who is also in advertising, but in a BIG London agency - Saatchi's infact, I think) is a real luvvie dolly-bird.

Her cat is Gucci, his cat is called Pub. They are total reflections of their owners - believe me!!!

I didn't as much find Ferdy as he found us. We have an old, disused Slipper Bath behind our Georgian house. There are foxes and even, I believe - although I haven't seen it, a Badger living there,

I think Ferdy had been living there for ages. He's been coming to us on and off for about 2 years. At one point I thought he'd died, coz his side was completely hairless, and he looked quite poorly. After a while he turned up again. At the time, we used to call him BlackCat - as that's what he was.

He was obviously someone's pet at some point - he knows how to use a litter tray, and he's the MOST affectionate cat I've ever known. He will sit on either my or hubbs' chest, gaze into our eyes and put his paws around our neck.

we took him on after we discovered him with a horrible festering wound on his head. We took him to the vet and once recovered, we had him 'fixed'. He's now become a fixture in our house!!

Good on you not letting your cat stay in quarantine. I don't think I'd be able to do it either.

Maybe you can get more cats once your back home.

Are you a BP wife in the Middle East? My ex worked on and off in Dubai - subcontracted to BP. And the wives were called BP wives and had the same pecking order as their husbands.

Just curious.
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Such a lovely story about Ferdy... Your house sounds lovely too.. i would love to share my garden with other animals... i am a veggie.. i just love animals!

Gucci DOES reflect me too... its strange how you mentioned your friends fiance is a dollybird... My nickname is Barbie!
I am obsessed with the colour pink!
My husband works in the fashion industry here.

Before we got Gucci, we made sure we could take her back to the uk without quarentine! I just could not let her go into quarentine... we would have gone to the extent of moving to Europe or somewhere where there is no quarentine laws. Personally i don't see why the Uk has such laws.. if you have proof etc.. etc.. your pet has no infections etc.. etc... i can't see the problem! But thats just my opinion.. I think the laws are in the middle of changing aren't they for quarentine in the UK?
I definately want more cats - Common sense tells me to wait while we return to the UK fisrt! As the Cat Rescue we hope to set up eventually,won't be for a while.
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