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Forgive my ignorance on the emotive subject of the allies abandonment of Central and Eastern European countries after WWII.

Yes, my parents came to the UK as economic migrants in the late 50s - and they did experience the "no irish, no blacks, no actors, no dogs" sign everywhere. They lived in purely Irish areas in a variety of cities - ghetto-isation (I've made that word up) as they could only get rooms in Irish-run boarding houses. My father learnt to hide his accent in order to keep his nice straight nose and to get a job.

We settled in (very) West London - home to migrants for years - Irish, West Indian, Polish, Ugandan Indians, Somalians etc etc. Everyone was just considered the same - we were all newcomers and tried to make the best of it and get along. I can't remember race being an issue - more religion - with the Muslims and Hindus fighting - and the Catholics and the Sikhs sitting in the pub having a laugh (sorry more stereotyping). My Catholic school did get abuse from other schools in the area (mainly C of E) but mainly because we had to wear the most ridiculous uniform in the world (brown blazers with yellow and blue stripes - yuck) so we were easy targets for the spit bombs from the top deck of the bus.

I'm shocked at hearing of the abuse your poor mother had to deal with, Yola.

I apologise for causing upset to anyone in my previous posts on the initial subject matter. I'll just get my coat.
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flimflam, have you heard of the Marshall plan?
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For those who are not familiar with the Marshall plan, which helped to rebuild Europe after WWII, here is a quote, followed by my source:

In the speech Marshall outlined the problem: "Europe's requirements are so much greater than her present ability to pay that she must have substantial additional help or face economic, social, and political deterioration of a very grave character." He then suggested a solution: that the European nations themselves set up a program for the reconstruction of Europe, with United States assistance. The significance of Marshall's plan was immediately recognized. On June 13, British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin (1891-1951) predicted that his address "will rank as one of the greatest speeches in world history."

This link describes the 50th. anniversary of the plan as presented in the Library of Congress:http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...+Marshall+plan

And he put our money where our mouth was!
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I doubt there is really very little difference between on nationality and another. Strip away color, culture, history and religion and you're still going to have a very fallible (and very human) person, who can be a jerk as quickly as they could be a good samaritan.

(By the way, NONE of the previous posts offended me... because there is as much truth in the good as there is in the bad. And I try not to make it a habit to be offended by the truth.)

Americans are a strange bunch. We're so many nationalities (I've got seven in my bloodline and my kids will have still more.) and we assimilate so many other cultures that there is no real "American" culture. American culture is bits and pieces of other cultures that we happen to like. What makes us unique is that rarely we will reject anything (ever see an American try to wish someone a happy holidays in December? It's "Happy Holidays" because we accept so many that a specific greeting would take too long! )

Americans don't really fit into just one catagory. And in a world (yes, world, because Americans are as guilty of this as anyone else,) that like to put people into neat little catagories. This is potentially very disturbing. Here's the catch... other people in other countries don't always fit into those neat little catagories that Americans like to put THEM into.

So what is the point of all this ranting!! [Deep Breath]

Don't assume. It makes an Ass Out Of You And Me, especially when you're talking about any groups in numbers larger than 5.

BTW Kudos for asking the question in the first place.
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I just have to add that I think it is so sad that the media portrays us americans the way they do in other countries....I think they mostly just show the bad stuff...and while there is alot of evil over here, there is also an awful lot of good, honest, kind, hard working people who would lend a hand to help their fellow man when it is needed. I think America is a wonderful place to live, and where I live it is so peaceful and beautiful, many people here don't even lock their doors, we have such a low crime rate in this area. People wave at each other going down the road, even if you don't know them...that probably sounds corny, but everyone is just real friendly here. When a neighbor is in need, the people band together to help.
I know there is alot of bad in America, but there is also alot of bad in other countries....look at Bin Laden....but we can't judge all those people over there, just by him.
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Well, that discussion let a 'cat out of the bag! Didn't you know all us aussies down here restle crocodiles in our spare time!
Talk about turning into a political issue. I think we as humans, have so much to learn from each other's cultures, religions, habitats, we are so ignorant towards the 'next' person without really knowing who or what they are. If everyone judged poeple on what they saw on TV, or read in books or heard from 'friends' the world would be a very sad place indeed to live in. No-one can afford to be ignorant to different cultures and lifestyles in the world. Ignorance breeds racism, and I strongly believe that you can't 'knock' anything until you have atleast studied, lived, eaten, prayed etc etc. different things. The world is at our finger tips, we should enjoy everything!
(ps. I am non religious but open to anything!)
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Let's just say I don't judge people by the country the come from, but by the people they are to me!
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