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Bad News About Layla

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As many of you may know, we had a super-runt in Ruby's litter: a little calico named Layla. She was developmentally on schedule, but still at 8 weeks weighs only 9 oz. She didn't go with us when we took the rest of the kittens in for their shots at six weeks for two reasons: 1) she was too small, according to the tech I spoke with on the phone and 2) the slightest bit of excitement makes her breathe heavily. My mother was/is planning on adopting her, and decided to take her to the vet today just to be checked out. We knew that her rib cage looked different than the other kittens and she struggled to breathe at times.

The vet told my mother that she suffers from something called FCK (flat-chest kitten) and her case was moderate to severe. He was amazed she managed to live this long. She asked about shot and he said he wouldn't even bother with them, because she is not long for this world. She did get dewormed, though. He expects she'll pass on any day and didn't even want to venture a guess at all of the deformities enclosed in her little chest. He offered to put her to sleep today, but she declined knowing that she is not suffering now.

My mother took her home to be with her. She'll get lots more attention for her final days than she would here. All of the kittens are almost completely weaned and Layla had been taking KMR twice daily anyway. I think she'll be happier there without all the confusion of a house full of toddlers and kittens.

I feel so sorry for my mother. She lost her elderly cat this past winter and was so excited to be bringing a little one into her home. I haven't even mentioned taking on another of the kittens after Layla passes, but will eventually.
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I'm so sorry. Thoughts and prayers for you, Layla, and your mother.
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I am so sorry about Layla
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Here is a picture of her where you can kind of see her chest, but I'm going to have my mom snap some of her so everyone can see what this disorder looks like.

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Awww she looks just like one of my kittens, the poor baby.
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and many hugs more for you Layla and your mom
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That's too bad...
In puppies that is called "swimmers" and can be corrected if caught early enough.
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Please do a search through the forums for FCK as I know there are other members out there who's kittens have survived and are healthy cats today!
Solarity Bengal's Hope is one of them.

I think there physical therapy sorts of things that can be done to help them.

I'm sending good health vibes to Layla!

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I managed to find an old article about it on the site, but other than that no luck. I think I might start another thread to get advice.

The vet did say that kittens are quite resilient and you never know (that's another main reason for not having her PTS) how long she'll live. In her specific case though, the prognosis is not good.
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Aww, I am sorry to hear that, and hope that Layla can beat the odds.
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Maybe you can tell your Mom that you are concerned that Layla will be lonely alone, and encourage her to adopt one of the siblings. It will provide companionship for Layla, and will be there to help your Mom if Layla passes.

When our kitty Mattie was very ill, I didn't realize it for a long time because Festus bathed her and kept her clean. She didn't really look ill until I separated them! So a sibling, especially a girl, could be a big comfort to Layla now, and to your Mom later!
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Is this the article you found?

I have experience with FCK. Layla looks like she has a moderate to semi-severe case. You may want to supplement her with KMR.
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RIP sweet Layla she passed away. Its posted in crossing the bridge .... RIP
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