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Although there is nothing nicer than cuddling up with a little fur ball, as responsible parents we need to think about what is best for our cats.
Doctors are always advising mothers not to let babies sleep in the same bed as them, and also not to fall asleep while breast feeding. Babies are a lot bigger than kittens yet accidents still happen. Your husband might not even notice if he rolled over onto Libby so for Libby’s sake get a basket and train her to sleep in it.
Sorry if this sounds harsh.
Good Luck

I used to feel that way, Muppet-- Right before I got Callie, I had a sweet, angelic baby boy named Dusty... he cried and cried at night and scratched on my door, but I refused to let him sleep with me because I felt that he should have his own "space" to sleep at night, and I feared rolling onto him as well. Completely unrelated to the topic, but the poor guy suddenly died after 2 weeks (Fading Kitten Syndrome is the only possible explanation I can fathom, it was just like kitten SIDS). I still feel so bad that I "banished" him to the living room when I could have been sharing my pillow with him... all he ever wanted was love. A few weeks into my grief, I got Callie in order to help mend my broken heart!

My Callie has slept with me since I brought her home at 8 weeks last summer. There were a few nights when she was little when I accidentally rolled onto her, but she wriggled free on her own! I keep the door cracked open in case she decides to roam or eat a midnight snack or whatever else.... but she likes to curl up either beside me or at my feet. Never again will I banish one of my babies to another room! She is the most delightful companion and she loves to snuggle with me... so I let her. And I enjoy it!

So my opinion is, if you feel comfortable with your kitties in the bed, sleep with them there. Treasure them and bond with them while they're around!