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I had a thought, the other day. The rainbow bridge chat site has 2 chat rooms....one for grieving the loss of a pet, and another for pet chat. As many times as I have gone there there has never been anyone in the animal chat room. The animal chat room is actually many rooms, and is open 24 hours a day. There is a cat room, a dog room, a horse room, etc. If anyone is interested in doing a cat chat we could meet in the chat room at a given time and daysay....Wednesday at 8:00EST


Once you are in the site click on rooms, and then cat room

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Don't forget to let other cat chatter know about this site
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I let all my friends know about this wonderful site, Anne. It is my favorite of all sites I have stumbled upon, and I thank you for it!
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8:00 EST would that be 7:00 central? I get confused on that stuff....I am in Central time zone.
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Hey Tiggeytoes,

The Rainbow Bridge site also has a place where you can write stories about your deceased beloved pets. It's a great place to vent. I wrote about a story about my dad's cat tigger called "The Last Link".
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Yes, Debbie, I think central time is 7:00.

Donna, I read your touching story. It sounds like you found Tigger a wonderful life...and now he is with your Father! I, too wrothe a poem in the reading room called, "Angel Kitty".


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You guys totally missed out talking with Tiggeytoes and myself. We should make it a regular thing. Maybe Anne can add on a chat room here ;-)
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Tiggeytoes; Thanks for the info. Am always happy to talk to my friends. Wishing we were closer so I could see the newest additions to your brood. If I am home Wed. nights I would love to meet for chat.

Miss you lots! Gizmo does too.
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Wed. night sounds good to me (as I read this about 3 hours late this Wed.) Hope to see you there next week!
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I am going to try really hard to remember and make the time to do this, too....Wed. 7 pm for me. Gotta remember!
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It WAS PM wasn't it? I guess you never said, I just assumed. I am at work at 7 am.
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Yes, it is Wednesday evening...Hope to see you then!
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Wednesdays nights at 7 are good for me too. I put it on my calendar. See you guys there!

I just thought of something. Do you realize how much money everyone is saving in long distance calls by using this site and the chat room???

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What save money, Donna? I'm still on the part where I wouldn't have even KNOWN any of you!!
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I will try for next wed. Sometimes it ends up being my cleaning day, but I am sure I can make sure next wed I move the cleaning to Thurs. What an excuse huh. I have the ICQ which allows multiple chat users, but nobody seems to use it.
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If it's a toss-up between cleaning and a cat chat, I hope to God you'll put down your mop!
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LOL I know, If you could only see what I am like. I am sure Donna can vouch for my "condition". Thats what happened last night. I was cleaning the house and did not get up here until 830 and by that time..I missed EVERYTHING!!
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In that case, I wish you lived closer to me. You'd think you died and went to heaven. Clutter is my middle name.
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Wednesday works, if I can REMEMBER!!! I am notorious for not remembering things!!! Too bad we couln't also do it on a friday or saturday night, I think that would be easier to remember!! LOL
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I am looking forward to next Wednesday...I put a yellow sticky on the top of my monitor so I won`t forget!
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I know Wednesday is your normal cleaning day, but you are always cleaning - everyone, Sandy, Ken and her little girl Kylie went to my daughter's play last night. When one of the characters was cleaning the house and everyone talked about how all she did was clean, a little voice popped up and said. "Just like my mom!"

Tiggy - I have been off the site because of rescues, work and my daughter's play, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you at the show in Southington and Sylvia still doesn't have a home of her own!
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Rene...we enjoyed our first experience of a cat show, and especially enjoyed meeting you, Donna,and Sandy as well as your husbands. We really wish that we could take Sylvia, but we both know that it is the heart that wants her, but the mind tells us we have all we can handele at this time. I have been asking around to people we know, hoping to find a home for her or one of your other wonderful rescues. Sue
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Okay..its Wed and I played hooky from work just to get my cleaning done. Hope to see everyone there
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You are killing me! You stayed home from work just to clean?!?
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Yes..I sure did. I always end up coming home from work and busting my butt until late. Today I decided I just didn't want to mess with it. Staying home and cleaning in peace just sounded to good to resist. So I called and said my daughter was home sick. I know..I know...lying is bad. But my house is spotless and now I can sit up here and post away...boy is this nice!!!
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I wish I had the "cleaning gene". My mother has it, maybe that's why I rebel. Actually, it's not the cleaning so much as the clutter. I have been known to let stuff stack up a long time. Maybe I'll be better in my new house.
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Hey everybody,

It's now 7:10 and no one is in the chat room of the Rainbow Bridge. Anybody want to chat?? That's where I'll be.
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Ok, who's going to this chat room thing?
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Hopefully most of us remember. I am giving it a few more minutes before I head over. I had to answer a post on why a cat was biting now that she is declawed.
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Oh crap....I missed it!!!! But it really wasn't my fault this time! We had several bad tornados in the area Wednesday, and our electricity was off until close to 8pm.
Maybe next time.
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