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Silicon litter

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Have any of you, or do any of you use it? I have a 13 week old kitten, and I am currently using regular kitty litter. To be honest, we have no selection in South Africa, but I have found silicone litter in the pet shops. At the moment the litter tray is smelling FOUL, even though I scoop the poop regularly, and change the whole litter tray about every 3 days. I have heard that the silicone doesn't cause as much smells, but other than that do you have any thoughts on it?
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I tried silicon litter, and found that Jamie didn't like it and scratched it out of his litter box. It did a fairly good job of drying the feces (which he refused to bury in the silicon litter), but didn't absorb urine as well as advertised, turned yellow, and was stinky within about 3 days. It was the Percato brand. Other brands might be better.
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Thanks Jcat - I will stick with what I have. I did manage to find a very fine litter yesterday, which he seems to like, so I guess it is just a totally new litter clean out every couple of days.
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I know there are some members who swear by silicon litter, so you might have better luck with it than I did, depending on the brand. Some clay litters now have silicon mixed in - you could also try mixing two types yourself. We, i.e., Jamie and I, personally prefer a very fine, clumping clay litter.
If you read through the litter threads here, you'll probably find a lot of suggestions.
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I'm super allergic to anything with silicone in it, so my kitties don't use it.
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Silicone is also not biodegradable.

If the kitten smells bad, why not see about feeding it a different food? I found my girl's litterbox smelled a lot better when she had a dietary change from chicken to rabbit. Turns out she was allergic to chicken.
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