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radio question of the day: 08/02/06

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Have you ever
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Alright Susie, now don't keep me waiting anymore!!! Did you get enough rest last night
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No, I've never
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I am sure I have atleast once... maybe
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I dont get it.
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I guess I should have finished the question huh? Sorry, got sidetracked at work and must have clicked send........

ANYWHO, have you ever eaten frog legs?
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Yep, and they were good too.
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Yes, actually, I have, and I did not think they tasted like chicken.
That could be because mine were in a Cajun gumbo....
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no. Does it taste good?
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Originally Posted by gemlady
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Ok I need to change my answer! NO I can honestly say that No I haven't!!
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No I havent. It is one of the few things that I haven't tried, and I don't think I ever will.
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Yep! You can't say you don't like something until you've tried it. (Caveat: This does not apply to things like antifreeze, battery acid, floor scrapings and other obviously inedible things. I might end up liking how antifreeze tastes -- I'm told it's sweet? -- but the end result would be unpleasant. )
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No thank you!! I have tried alligator though, does that count?
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Yes-didn't think they tasted like anything special
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nope! don't think I ever will either, looks like I'd have to eat an awful lot of them to be full
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Yep, tastes like chicken.
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Nope and I never will. I can't ever eat Leg of Lamb just because of the name.
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No, and I don't plan to!
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No but I would try it. No guaranteeing anything but I do like to try new things.
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Nope. We used to have pet frogs. Once I've made something a pet there's no way I could eat it. (Same reason I'll never try rabbit...)
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Never! and I don't intend to.
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No...I didn't know people ate those
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Tried them once for my dad, he always wanted us to try everything, I don't remember if I liked them or not as everytime I would bite into the thing my sister would make this ribit noise like a frog.
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Yes. They were okay, but nothing special. I'd eat them again if they were served to me, but I wouldn't order them. I think they taste like a cross between chicken and alligator.
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No, but I did consider it. I saw them at a chinese buffet not too long ago. Was going to try, but thought a chinese buffet was probably not the best place to get a quality sample for my first taste, and therefore I wouldn't really be giving them a fair shot.

Maybe next time.
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ewwwwww....no way! (I did eat snails once though )
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Nope, never tried them. I've never had the chance or been offered them though. I'm willing to try almost anything once.
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nope can't say that I have
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