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New Foster mom with a question. :)

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Hi! Im new to this site, but from what ive seen/read looks like a great place.

I recently (3 days ago) took my male to the vet for a cough, the vet was checking him over and told me about a cat and her 5 kittens(10-11 days old) that some men brought in, she was living at a dump. The men fed her and would lock her in the warhouse at nighttime to keep her safe. Anyway, i took her home to foster her. My vet thinks she is about 10-12 months old, and this is her second litter since Febuary. the kittens are all healthy and clean, but Lady(momma) is very thin and dirty. She eats very little and doesnt pay much attention to cleaning herself, more worried about the babies. She is very friendly for a stray and the men that brought her in are paying for her to get spayed when she is ready.

My question... Is there anything i can do to help her gain weight? her hip bones are poking out, i can feel her spine and ribs. I have been feeding her dry kitten food, with occasional wet food, but she only takes a few bites. Any help is appreciated.

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Here are a few pictures.

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try giving her some kitten milk, like KMR. also, baby food like turkey or chicken is good too.In the heat, try keeping the wet food in the fridge before giving to momma, Icis LOVES it that way . after my Icis had her litter, once the babies were a week or so old i gave her a bath. she actually didnt fight me, and seemed to feel better about it after. you might want to try the bath cloths to clean her if she doesnt like baths. Your an angel for taking them in!!!
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What a touching story. Glad you were able to help this Mommy out. I know she needs to eat since she is nursing, Im sure someone will come along with experience to help you out soon.
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Try warming the food up -either in the microwave or add a few drops of hot water to it - that brings out the smell. Try her on different brands, add tuna juice, chicken juice etc, to tempt her. a/d from teh vets is a good thing to give convalescing cats. Try her on sliced meat or chicken, just to supplement. She is a very pretty cat - maybe she just needs a bit more time to settle in.
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Bless your heart! This is a very kind thing you are doing. I can imagine she is physically worn out and maybe depressed. I would try the KMR and also some Nutri-Cal. It is sold in a tube (like toothpaste) and it is very high in calories. Once she is eating better, she will perk up. Has she been FELV tested?
Poor momma! Her babies are very cute though
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Ok. I'll run out tomarrow and get some KMR. She will eat deli ham and turkey, ill try the tuna juice tonight. She is a sweet girl, she gets up, after the babies are asleep, and lays on my bed with me so i will pet her, but at the slightest kitten cry, she is back with them.

She has been vaccinated & wormed and tested for FELV- and is negative.

I would LOVE to keep her, but i already have four of my own and hope to foster more cats in the near future. Two of the kittens already have homes, and will be picked up on their 10 week birthday, the other three and Lady still need homes.(oh, there are 2 boys and three girls)
Thanks for all of the help
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